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Skateboarding School for Dogs Now a Thing That Exists

Disney, if you don't have a gritty reboot of Air Bud already in the works, now is the time to get that going.

Because we live in a world that is more surreal than anything anyone could make up, the city of Lima, Peru is now home to the world’s first (so far as we know and dearly hope) skateboarding school for bulldogs.¬†As a frankly surprising number of YouTube videos will attest, English bulldogs are natural skateboarders. Believing it would be a shame to let the animal’s abilities go to waste, Ivan Juscamaita, who owns the skateboarding bulldog Biuf, has started teaching classes each Saturday in a Lima park that can have participants pups gleaming the cube in no time. While the classes are currently impromptu efforts, Jusacamaita hopes to one day open a legitimate training academy for skateboarding dogs. In the meantime, we’ll just keep enjoying the last few precious months that “sit,” “stay,” and “fetch” remain sort of impressive canine feats.

(via Telegraph)

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