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Ian McKellen Perfectly Sums up Trump & Movie Industry LGBTQIA Problems

We love Sir Ian McKellen so much for so many reasons, but watching him stand up for the LGBTQIA community—especially during Pride Month—is a big one. Donald Trump's presidency, no matter how much he said he'd be "much better for the gays," is a disturbing one for LGBTQIA rights, particularly because we were already struggling to make progress before things were seemingly completely derailed with the 2016 election.

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Things We Saw Today: Music From Last Night’s Flash/Supergirl Musical Can Now Be Yours!

If you loved "Duet," last night's musical crossover episode between The Flash and Supergirl on The CW, then you've likely been humming "Super Friend" to yourself all day today, and/or watching clips from it on YouTube. However, WaterTower music has released The Flash – Music From The Special Episode: Duet, which features seven tracks from the show.

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Things We Saw Today: Natalie Dormer on Voice Acting in Mass Effect: Andromeda

Be still, my heart.

Natalie Dormer is a wonderful actress, simply put, and it's exciting to see her expanding her horizons into video game voice acting.

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Tolkien Expert Stephen Colbert Breaks Down the Reasons Why Gandalf Won’t Perform Weddings

It all stems from a real request someone made of Sir Ian McKellen.

If you’re looking for a late-night host who knows their Lord of the Rings, it could be argued that no one–and I mean no one–is more qualified to discuss Tolkien’s works than Stephen Colbert. Not only does he go full Tolkien nerd while answering audience questions about the series, he’s also seriously geeked out over […]

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Ian McKellen Shares Life Advice, Overlooked Roles, and Fancasts in Charming IMDB Q&A

Ian McKellen had a chat with IMDB for his new film, Mr. Holmes, and answered some fan questions on Twitter. While he unfortunately didn't answer our question about a possible cooking show he did share some lovely wisdom.

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Sir Ian McKellen on Gay Rights, Being Truthful, & Portraying Old Age in Mr. Holmes

Sir Ian McKellen, who portrays the titular detective in Mr. Holmes, had some words of wisdom to offer about truthfulness and acting in a recent Vulture interview.

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Review: Mr. Holmes Triangulates the Mysterious End of Sherlock Holmes

Well, pretty early into Mr. Holmes, I started to feel all warm and fuzzy—remembering Mark Twain and Me—and thought “this is going to be an easy watch.” And it is a pretty easy watch. It's also a sweet, charming, family-friendly movie that adults will actually want to see with their kids; not just a tolerable film adults will be willing to sit through.

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Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Films Cinematographer Andrew Lesnie Passes Away at 59

Oscar-winning Australian cinematographer Andrew Lesnie, beloved for his work on the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Hobbit films as well as I Am Legend, Babe, the 2005 King Kong, and Rise of the Planet of the Apes, passed away yesterday at 59 of an apparent heart attack.

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If It’s Not Baroque, Don’t Fix It: Ian McKellen to Play Cogsworth in Live-Action Beauty and the Beast

Hermione and Gandalf, together at last

According to Variety, wizard-for-hire Sir Ian McKellen has joined what is shaping up to be the extremely likable cast of Disney's Beauty and the Beast rebeaut. Production will reportedly begin later this year for a March 17, 2017 release date.

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Here’s Ian McKellen Pioneering the Selfie With a Baby-Faced Robert Downey Jr. in 1994

Fact: A 1994 selfie is as close as Marvel and Fox's legal teams will let Magneto and Iron Man get.

Don't you love how Sir Ian McKellen talks about selfies like he's an anthropologist untouched by our silly tech culture? Or just everything about him in general?

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First Trailer for Ian McKellen’s Mr.Holmes Is Here, Full of Bees (Beads?)

That train is going to Hogwarts, right? I know the Hogwarts Express when I see it!

The long-awaited first trailer for the Ian-McKellen-does-Sherlock movie Mr. Holmes is finally here, and I'm not sure that I'm as on board as I'd expected to be.

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First Clip Of Ian McKellen’s Retired Elderly Sherlock In Mr Holmes, Sadly Devoid of Bees

Not Ian Holm. That's a different guy.

This clip, however, does contain the following: 1) Sherlock Holmes throwing shade at Watson's accounts of their detective work; 2) Sherlock Holmes being indirectly outsmarted by a woman, kind of; and 3) Ian McKellen being sassy to a tiny youngster while speaking in a raspy voice about not being able to remember stuff. It's every nerd's dream.

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Apparently Sirs Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen Won’t Have Roles in X-Men: Apocalypse

While I was on an insane high from hearing Sophie Turner and Saoirse Ronan might play young Jean Grey in X-Men: Apocalypse, I have found a new low in hearing we likely won't be seeing Sir Patrick Stewart or Ian McKellen at all.

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Ian McKellen Steals the Spotlight With a Tiny Gong in George Ezra’s Latest Music Video

Today he is Gandalf the pink pocket square'd.

In addition to just generally being a delightfully catchy song, "Listen To The Man" also has a music video that features Ian McKellen doing an adorable dance and inadvertently hurting a British songwriter's feelings. The only thing it's missing is Patrick Stewart—although let's face it, he's probably right off camera feeding McKellen steps like a dance mom during pageant season.

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Ian McKellan Teaches Cookie Monster About Self Control By Presenting Him With THE RING OF SAURON ITSELF

One cookie to rule them all.

Ah, yes, I remember that passage of The Two Towers well. You know, the one where Cookie Monster is all, "Not were Minas Tirith falling in ruin and me alone could save her, so, using weapon of Dark Lord for good and glory. Me not wish for such triumphs, Frodo son of Drogo.” and then Frodo is like "Okay great, but can I have my chocolate chip cookies back?" and then Cookie Monster roars "NO NEVER, MINE ME OWN ME PRECIOUS OM NOMN NOM NOM," and then Sam cries a bunch.

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Don’t Let Ian McKellen Make You Overly Optimistic About More Lord of the Rings Films

Those were the stories that stayed with you.

Ian McKellen isn't ruling out the possibility of more films set in Middle-Earth, but you probably shouldn't get your hopes up.

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For Real This Time (We Think), Ian McKellen Talks on His Last Days of Filming as The Hobbit’s Gandalf

I mean, you just never know with this franchise, right?

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Ian McKellen Pulls A Gandalf To Motivate Studying Students

P. Stewart, come out. I know you're hiding somewhere.

What, you think some eagles are going to pass algebra for you? Gwaihir has tried, but he cannot solve for X.

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Gandalf Is Vaguely Concerned With Your Life Choices In New Hobbit Poster

"Do you maybe want to rethink buying that advance ticket for The Judge this weekend? No?... Okay."

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Things We Saw Today: All Hail Toyffrey Baratheon, First Of His Mold

For fun, have all your Barbies line up to slap him one at a time.

We can tell we're going to have a lot of fun with this Dark Horse Game of Thrones figure we found on io9's Toybox. Who's up for a Chibi Project-style series of... "experiments?"

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