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On Television’s Alpha-Nerds and Their Mysterious Women

What may seem like a whole new breed of leading male protagonist on TV, born from the widespread assimilation of nerd culture into the mainstream, is little more than your average alpha-male with an IQ upgrade.

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Sherlock Honest Trailer Unveils the Mystery of Watson’s “Adorable Little Run”

Sometimes you just have to laugh at the things and people you love.

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Things We Saw Today: Here’s a Video of Sammus’ Incredible OSCON Keynote

We adore Sammus around here. Like, hella adore. It's in and with that adoration that we share her opening keynote for OSCON, where she starts with a musical performance then breaks into an incredible talk about her own experiences with tech.

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Things We Saw Today: Dwayne Johnson Cast in Jumanji Remake

Dwayne Johnson announced on Instagram that he's on the team for the Jumanji remake, which begins shooting this fall.

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Sherlock Will, Apparently, Be More “Refined” in Sherlock Christmas Special

Also, new Funkos to appease our elementary school desires.

Today's Sherlock panelat the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour didn't prove too fruitful when it comes to revealing new details. Aside from the fact that, apparently, our titular detective will be more refined, behaviour-wise, in the upcoming Christmas special.

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Review: Mr. Holmes Triangulates the Mysterious End of Sherlock Holmes

Well, pretty early into Mr. Holmes, I started to feel all warm and fuzzy—remembering Mark Twain and Me—and thought “this is going to be an easy watch.” And it is a pretty easy watch. It's also a sweet, charming, family-friendly movie that adults will actually want to see with their kids; not just a tolerable film adults will be willing to sit through.

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How To Get Your Partner To Call You “Sherlock” In The Bedroom

You’re never going to come home and find Sherlock and John sneaking a quickie in your bed.  I’ve tried to come to terms with this, and I have to say, it really isn’t going well. But it’s okay, because I have perfected a plan to get you the next best thing. Well no, not Benedict and Martin sneaking a quickie in your bed while roleplaying Sherlock and John. The next next best thing. Well, maybe not the next next best thing, but, like, a reasonable compromise.

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First Trailer for Ian McKellen’s Mr.Holmes Is Here, Full of Bees (Beads?)

That train is going to Hogwarts, right? I know the Hogwarts Express when I see it!

The long-awaited first trailer for the Ian-McKellen-does-Sherlock movie Mr. Holmes is finally here, and I'm not sure that I'm as on board as I'd expected to be.

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Comics 201: The Best Comics You’ve Never Heard Of; Or, Small Press and Self-Published Highlights

Yes, if you were wondering, that is the most hipster title I could think of, because nothing says classic hipster more than talking about underground comics.

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111-Year-Old “New” Sherlock Holmes Story Supposedly Found In Scottish Man’s Attic

Here's another tale to remind us to make sure none of our relatives are inadvertently keeping treasures hidden away in their attic.

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First Clip Of Ian McKellen’s Retired Elderly Sherlock In Mr Holmes, Sadly Devoid of Bees

Not Ian Holm. That's a different guy.

This clip, however, does contain the following: 1) Sherlock Holmes throwing shade at Watson's accounts of their detective work; 2) Sherlock Holmes being indirectly outsmarted by a woman, kind of; and 3) Ian McKellen being sassy to a tiny youngster while speaking in a raspy voice about not being able to remember stuff. It's every nerd's dream.

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Legendary NBA Star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Is Writing A Novel About Mycroft Holmes

*sounds of delight*

Something we weren't entirely expecting but are totally onboard for: Famous former basketballer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has a subject for his first novel, and that subject is Sherlock Holmes' brother, Mycroft Holmes.

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S(her)lock Is A Sherlock Holmes Web Series With Feminist Goals (And A Transgender Watson)

Eat your heart out, Moffat

Yesss: This Kickstarter is aiming to create an inclusive "feminist, LGBTQA positive, fresh take" on Sherlock Holmes that is "for women, by women."

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Things We Saw Today: 3D Cake Molds, Uh, Find A Way

Hold onto your bundts!

Every $16 silicon dinosaur cake mold will get you a t-rex, a brontosaurus, a stegosaurus, and the limitless pleasure of playing God.

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Things We Saw Today: Official, Movie-Accurate Potted Groot Statue

All I want... all I need!

The world is still waiting for a realistic, official, dancing Groot toy.

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Things We Saw Today: A TARDIS Tortoise!

Try saying that ten times fast.

Headcanon: this is actually Sherlock's pet tortoise, Clyde, who has run off to be with an even more eccentric British gentleman.

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PSA: Ian McKellen Is Still Great At Social Media, Bad At Birds

Of course I'm going to make a Gull-adriel joke. What do you think I have, shame?

This is an important thing that has happened. Let it bring light and joy and an appropriate snarkiness towards seagulls into your life.

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Things We Saw Today: A Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes Apron

Since 1996!

Geeky Merch is offering these Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes aprons for $65. Don one and remember the shop's good old days, when aprons were for tidying puking pastille incidents, not wiping away tears.

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Things We Saw Today: Unexpected Patronuses

The Spanish Inquisition?

Alicia Braumberger's chart of rare patronuses is also available as a print or on a tote bag or pillow via Redbubble, no wand required.

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Things We Saw Today: Sir Ian McKellen As A Geriatric Sherlock Holmes

Moriarty? You shall not pass!

Ian McKellen has revealed the first image of him as a 93-year-old Sherlock in A Slight Trick of the Mind, and yep, he looks pretty much perfect.

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