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‘Sherlock Holmes 3’ Is Not Off the Table Yet

Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock Holmes in 2009's Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes is one of my forever loves. The character, created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, is a mastermind detective who can figure out nearly any case just by using logic and his keen eye to figure it out. He’s also had many adaptations throughout the years, with a rapid influx hitting in the 2000s/2010s. At one point in time, Sherlock, Elementary, and the Robert Downey Jr.-led Sherlock Holmes movies were all happening at nearly the same time.

Back in 2018, we were told that a third movie starring Downey was underway and eventually we got news that Dexter Fletcher would direct it. Since then, it’s just been pushed, ignored, and its future has been left up in the air. Until now. Susan Downey spoke with The Wrap about Team Downey and their future projects, and revealed that Sherlock Holmes 3 is a priority.

“Well, here’s what I can tell you. And [Downey’s producing partner] Amanda [Burrell] can attest to this. Prior to this, we had lunch together with Robert, the three of us. And it was a very specific topic of conversation,” Downey said to WrapWomen. “So yes, it is in the hopper. We’re going to do it when it’s right, with the right people, but it is a priority for the company and a priority for Robert.”

Later, she went on to talk about letting things happen in their own time. “I do know, like, there are times where just I’ve had more years of experience to know when to settle down and follow the process. Like, as much as we want to will that into existence, you have to let a couple of things happen before you do the big push, and maybe it gets there on its own.”

It’s worth the wait

While there are people in this world who might wonder who cares about this movie, the answer is: me. I absolutely loved both of Downey’s first two Sherlock Holmes movies because they were two period-appropriate action-packed stories in the midst of a slew of Sherlock Holmes adaptations set in the modern world. And now that the character is in the public domain, it wouldn’t be surprising if we start to see more people adapt Sherlock stories to different eras.

If he’s not a “modern” Sherlock, he’s a hot one and I do have a lot of opinions on how they adapt Conan Doyle’s stories. But what I loved about the Downey led franchise, which had Jude Law as his John Watson, was that it focused on the mystery and the near-camp of a Holmes story as well as the little nods to who Sherlock is. The boxing was a call back to the Conan Doyle stories, we saw what happens when Mary (Kelly Reilly) comes into the Watson/Holmes dynamic, and I truly did love Rachel McAdams’ take on Irene Adler.

But I have a lot of hopes for the third film. I also have a lot of ideas so if Team Downey wants them, just hit me up because this is something I’ve been waiting for since A Game of Shadows came out back in 2011. Until we know more, at least we know that Team Downey is working on it.

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