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Enola and Sherlock are Working Together in the New Trailer for ‘Enola Holmes 2’ and MY HEART!!!

Enola Holmes 2

Being a fan of the character of Sherlock Holmes means one of two things: You have a lot of opinions and/or you also consider yourself a detective. As someone who has loved this world since I was a young girl, I watched the first Enola Holmes movie and wished that this existed when I was a kid. Enola, played by Stranger Things icon Millie Bobby Brown, is the younger sister of two older brothers (same), she is constantly having her interests belittled because they’re the same as her brothers’ (same), and she’s determined to prove herself despite what people think of her (big same). I loved every second of it with one exception: I did wish we got more of Enola with Mycroft (Sam Claflin) and Sherlock (Henry Cavill).

Luckily, the second film seems to be answering that request. Enola Holmes 2 is bringing Sherlock and Enola together to team up on a case and I am delighted! The trailer gives us a look into where the second film is taking us and I’m so happy that we have Helena Bonham Carter back as Eudoria Holmes alongside Henry Cavill’s Sherlock.

Being a younger sister is hard

When you’re the youngest sibling, everyone thinks you have it easy. Again, I would know, I’m the youngest and the only girl. Because my brothers and I have similar interests, there’s always been a perception that I like the things I do because of them and not because I just also genuinely enjoy them. So I understand Enola Holmes deeply.

What’s fun about the look into her dynamic with Sherlock in this trailer is that we see her instantly assume he has come to take over her case. The reality is that the cases they’re each working on intersect and allow the two to work together.

This is giving me what I wanted out of the first film and making me wait for it so kudos to you, Enola Holmes, for teaching me patience. This trailer is just a brief look into what the movie holds for us but I’m excited to see more of Cavill’s Sherlock and how he interacts with his family. We didn’t get much of his performance in the first film and nailing Sherlock Holmes is crucial to any story in this universe, even one that is centered around Enola, but I don’t doubt that it will be perfect. Especially with how good Millie Bobby Brown is as Enola Holmes.

We have to wait until November 4, 2022 to see where this next adventure takes Enola, Sherlock, and the rest of the Holmes family but I can’t wait.

(image: Alex Bailey/Netflix © 2022)

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