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Bill Clinton, Please Sit Down

You would think that any celebrity or public figure these days would be prepared to answer questions about the #MeToo movement, especially one who has himself been at the center of a sexual misconduct scandal. But Clinton has been digging himself into a hole with his answers to those questions, and it doesn't look like he's planning to put down the shovel anytime soon.

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In Its Season Premiere, Younger Addressed Its Own Previous #MeToo Missteps

It's always weird to watch shows of our past through our current lens and wonder how we, both as individual viewers and as a culture, let things slide. With the rate things are moving, that question of "what were they thinking?" can apply to some fairly recent entertainment.

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Woody Allen Says He Should Be the “Poster Boy” for the #MeToo Movement

Sure, Woody Allen is the perfect "poster boy" for the Me Too movement, as he represents so many of the reasons it has to exist.

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Does the #MeToo Movement Actually Impact People’s Viewing Choices?

A new study says ... not really.

A recent survey by a research technology company called Morning Consult analyzed how the #MeToo movement impacts audience's viewing choices. The results are not super encouraging.

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George Takei’s Accuser Walks Back Story of Sexual Misconduct in New Report

What happens when #MeToo misses the mark?

The court of social media took to the Takei allegations like it takes to all things: with fast, furious anger until the next hashtag-worthy news story comes along. Takei's accusations quickly fell by the wayside as new stories of harassment and abuse were published. Takei's story joined all the others, lumped in with all the other villainous events perpetrated by powerful men. That is, until Shane Snow at The Observer dug deeper into the case.

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Show Dogs Will Be Recut Over Criticisms That It Depicts Grooming Tactics Similar to Those Used By Child Abusers

A number of parenting blogs, along with the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, have called out the film for a story arc that they say sends a disturbing message about sexual abuse. The movie depicts a number of scenes that show Max, an anthropomorphized dog, being touched in ways that make him uncomfortable, specifically when the dog show judges inspect his genitals.

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Retta Doesn’t Understand Why the Aziz Ansari Thing was Even a Story. We’ll Explain.

It's hard when someone you care about has done something wrong. No one wants to believe or think too hard about someone they know and love doing something terrible. I understand that. But wanting something to not be true doesn't make it untrue. In a recent moderated discussion, Retta talked about her friend and former co-star, Aziz Ansari, and didn't seem to understand what the big deal was. Let me see if I can explain.

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Is Anyone More Disconnected From Reality Than John Travolta?

In Travolta's reality, Battlefield Earth is a lesser Picasso, talking about gender-specific issues is "inhuman," and mental illness is caused by a thetan imbalance.

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Cannes Un-Bans Lars von Trier for Ultra Misogynistic Torture Porn The House That Jack Built

Back in 2011, director Lars von Trier made some comments during a Cannes press conference about being a Nazi and sympathizing with Hitler. The festival immediately banned him. Now, seven years later (and only seven months after Bjork accused von Trier of sexual harassment) the festival has apparently forgiven the director and allowed him to screen his new film, The House That Jack Built. Turns out that screening didn't go too well, though.

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“He Went to the Weakest Links”: Salma Hayek Says Harvey Weinstein Purposely Tried to Discredit Women of Color

"We are the easiest to get discredited."

Prior to Rose McGowan, Weinstein had only publicly denied accusations from Hayek and Lupita Nyong'o, both of them women of color.

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Pulitzer Prize Board and MIT Both Looking Into the Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against Junot Díaz

After several women spoke out, alleging that Junot Díaz has engaged in sexual misconduct and vicious misogyny, the Pulitzer Prize Board and MIT, both institutions with which Díaz has a relationship, have decided to look into the matter. It's nice to know that more and more institutions are starting to take allegations like this seriously. 

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Samantha Bee Checks in With #MeToo, This Time With Zero F***s Left to Give for These Men

Samantha Bee has no patience for Eric Schneiderman, Charlie Rose, or any other accused serial abuser. She's done.

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Ryan Murphy Wants to Make a #MeToo Anthology Series About Stories of Abuse

In a recent, lengthy profile in the New Yorker, Ryan Murphy discusses the numerous projects he has in the works. Some are fully in production, while others seem to just be in the idea stage. One of those ideas, and one that I don't think we'd ever heard him mention before, is an anthology series based on stories related to the #MeToo movement.

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Swedish Academy Postpones Nobel Prize for Literature in Wake of Sexual Assault Scandal

The Swedish Academy has announced that it will not be awarding the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2018 due to fallout from a sexual abuse scandal that has shaken the esteemed organization. In a press release posted on Friday, the Academy stated that a "crisis" in the Swedish Academy has adversely affected the Nobel Prize.

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Ashley Judd Is Suing Harvey Weinstein for Allegedly Damaging Her Career After Turning Down His Gross Advances

Three years after she first spoke out about her harassment, and nearly eight months after naming the perpetrator publically, Ashley Judd has filed a lawsuit against Harvey Weinstein.

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Alleged Miscreant Charlie Rose Wants to Host a #MeToo Talk Show for Other Disgraced Men

The former CBS and PBS anchor is pitching around a show in which he'll interview other men who have faced accusations and public repercussions from the #MeToo movement. So Charlie Rose wants to sit down with men like Louis C.K. and Matt Lauer and talk about ... what exactly? How hard this has been for them? Hard pass.

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We Need to Talk About Missouri Governor/Alleged Scumbag Eric Greitens

It's still incredible to believe that we have a powerful political leader in office being accused of gross sexual assault, as well as shady and possibly illegal misuse of nonprofit charity dealings, and the only response he can muster is to cry "witch hunt" and threaten those leading the investigations into his actions. Oh, no .... not that political leader. I'm talking about Missouri Governor Eric Greitens.

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Poor Louis C.K., the #MeToo Movement Ruined His Life for Five Whole Months

An article in The Hollywood Reporter is positing what Louis C.K.'s return to comedy might look like, all of five months after he confirmed allegations of sexual misconduct.

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Tony Robbins Offers a Flimsy Apology for His Irresponsible Attacks on the #MeToo Movement

Tony Robbins has spent decades working as a life coach, reaching millions of people with his books and live seminars. But if the above video, taken at one of those seminars last month, is representative of a typical Robbins pep-talk, then those millions of people have been subjected to some misogynistic BS.

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Molly Ringwald Takes an Honest Deep Dive into the Misogyny of John Hughes’ Movies

Molly Ringwald revisited the movies and the man that made her an icon, through the lens of the #MeToo movement.

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