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Neil DeGrasse Tyson to Receive Stephen Hawking Medal, Because He’s Awesome at Communicating Science

As a scientist, it must be awesome when a world-renowned theoretical physicist (and cosmologist) publicly commends you on the work you do. Neil deGrasse Tyson is feeling those feels today, now that it's been announced that he's getting a prestigious award from none other than Stephen Hawking.

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Things We Saw Today: A Shiny, So Chrome Furiosa the Riveter Cosplay

This "Furiosa the Riveter" cosplay from Wizard World Portland is really something else, isn't it? It's the best mashup of some amazing women, and it just makes us so happy.

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Sexual Harassment Is A Common Problem In The Scientific Community, Says This Study

"UGH" is a statistically likely response to this news.

Everyone's heard their fair share of annoying arguments as to why certain fields of study like science and technology are more male-dominated; often people claim that women just aren't trying as hard as men to succeed in their careers, or that most aren't as naturally interested in certain subjects as men are. Or, maybe, it could be that there's little to no support for women who need to report hostile work environments, which ends up turning them away.

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Accomplished Scientist Kicked Out Of Concert For Crowd Surfing To Handel’s “Messiah”

Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill!

If renowned authority on non-equilibrium molecular reaction dynamics Dr.David Glowacki was on the periodic table, he'd totally be a metal, dude: the scientist had to be physically removed recently from Britain's Old Vic theater for attempting to crowd surf at a classical concert. True story.

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The Female Scientist CUUSOO Set Is Officially Getting Made Into a LEGO Product

Here's to hoping they come with all the little plastic flasks that money can buy.

Good news, fans of tiny science! After months and months of consideration, the female scientist minifigure set that we told you about in February is getting made into a thing you can actually own. Hooray! Dinosaur skeletons and plastic ponytails for everyone!

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Richard Branson Wants All Kinds to Come to Mars, Even Kids That Climb on Rocks

When most folks think about starting a Mars colony, they usually only concern themselves with the scientists that would be involved with founding such an endeavor. Not Richard Branson, however. Though he admits that it would be scientists at first, he says that a colony on Mars would require all types. Fat folks, skinny folks, folks that climb on rocks -- all would be a welcome addition on Mars.

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Shady Scientific Research is Rampant [Infographic]

Science sure is neat when it is either presented in a way that doesn't put you to sleep, or is so mind-blowingly interesting that you couldn't possibly fall asleep. Unfortunately, within the scientific community, scientists may be manipulating their facts and numbers in such a way that molds their findings to whatever they're trying to prove. This, of course, isn't science, it's just misrepresentation. It may be more rampant than you think.

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Trip to FermiLab Teaches Children Not All Scientists Are Beaker-Toting Male Weirdos

Fermilab's science education website has the results of an interesting little social experiment in which a class of seventh graders drew pictures of what they thought the typical scientist looks like before their class visited the lab, followed by their impressions of what a scientist looks like thereafter. As the example above shows, students tended to moderate their views and represent scientists are "normal people with a not so normal job." The students' "after" pictures showed a lot more women, too -- or at least the girls' did:

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