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The Female Scientist CUUSOO Set Is Officially Getting Made Into a LEGO Product

Here's to hoping they come with all the little plastic flasks that money can buy.


Good news, fans of tiny science! After months and months of consideration, the female scientist minifigure set that we told you about in February is getting made into a thing you can actually own. Hooray! Dinosaur skeletons and plastic ponytails for everyone!

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LEGO Ideas (formerly LEGO CUUSOO) is a cool project that allows users to create, upload, and share their own concepts for LEGO sets with the hope of getting them made into actual buyable toys. Ideas that get a certain number of votes are reviewed by LEGO, who then selects one idea per cycle to make. Previous winners include the Mars Curiosity Rover, a Ghostbusters 30th anniversary set, the DeLorien from Back to the Future, and a Minecraft “Micro world.”

For CUUSOO #008, these awesome scientists beat out a Sherlock set, a Super Dimension Fortress Macross, The Legend of Zelda, a Japanese pagoda, Adventure Time, and a remote controlled DeLorean. It might not end up looking exactly like the design by the original creator, Alatariel, but the end result will hopefully be the same: showing kids (and adults) everywhere that women can be scientists and LEGO-lovers, too, without necessarily having to buy into the extremely feminine and stereotype-heavy LEGO Friends.

Oh, and if they could not do that thing where they indent the sides of their lady minifigs to create a smaller waist, too, that would be great—though I’ll admit, that’s a personal pet peeve on my part.

Check out the official announcement video from LEGO for more:

(via Topless Robot and The Mary Sue, image via Alatariel)

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