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Do We Actually Have Information About the New Life Is Strange Game?

Last month, the creators behind the hit Dontnod/Square Enix game Life Is Strange announced that they are indeed currently working on a new Life Is Strange game! Today we have some news that needs to be taken with a huge grain of salt as it falls firmly into rumor territory, but should provide some fun speculation fodder as we wait for additional, official announcements. **Turn back now if you want to go into the new game completely unsullied.**

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Mad Max: Fury Road Prequel Reported To Be Happening

But currently, it's still just a rumor.

=The Australian Herald-Sun is reporting that pre-production is starting on a Fury Road prequel movie, with filming scheduled to potentially begin later this year.

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Supergirl and The Flash Crossover Rumored To Be Happening

Although DC Universe higher-ups originally stated that Supergirl and The Flash would remain two separate entities -- and never the twain shall meet -- new rumors have surfaced that lead us to look upon those first remarks with a little bit of side-eye.

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Fantastic Four Might Be X-ing Over with X-Men

Warning: Fandom X-ing Ahead

We get that a lot of you aren't too thrilled about the upcoming Fantastic Four movie and everything. We totally understand. But isn't it at least a little exciting to hear that Bryan Singer addressed the rumors flying around about a possible Fantastic Four/X-Men crossover?

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Rumors Of The Day: An Obi-Wan Spin-Off and Some Frosty Doctor Who Casting

I want to belieeeeve.

It's rumortown, and I am the mayor! Well, okay, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Nick Frost are the mayor. Maybe. Who knows?

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Get Your Own “Unnamed Sources” With the Star Wars: Episode VII Rumor Generator

Fear leads to speculation. Speculation leads to rumors. Rumors lead to trolling.

Why should bloggers and journalists get to have all the fun in spreading rampant Star Wars rumors and speculation? Now you can join in with the Star Wars rumor generator and spread your own dubiously-sourced spoilers.

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Rumors of Three Villains for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Surface

At least one's a cut above the rest.

We got a first look at Henry Cavill back in his super-suit for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice today, and if is to be believed (something we don't all agree on here in the office) then we've also got some additions to the roster of villains for the movie. Check out who their sources say will be making appearances in the upcoming film.

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Superhero Movie Rumor Round-up: Lex Luthor and The Avengers are Getting “New Looks”

Not in the same film, though. That's be weird.

Whether you're gathering a highly trained team of superheroes or stealing as many as 40 cakes (and that's terrible), choosing the right look for yourself is an important part of the process. The Internet's been awash with a lot of costuming rumors for both Age of Ultron and Batman V. Superman, so let's dive right in, shall we? Spoilers all around, of course. You've been warned!

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Get Your First Glimpse at What the Bigger iPhone Screens Will Probably Look Like

And it only took them seven years!

Everybody and their grandmother complained that the iPhone's screen didn't get any bigger between the 5 and 5s when the latter was released. Well, you can all hakuna your collective matatas, friends. If these photos are any indication, your wish will soon be granted.

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Brace Yourselves: Rumors Say The Matrix Is Getting a Prequel Trilogy

Which pill do I take where this ends up being good news?

The Matrix was a huge achievement in filmmaking both technically, visually, and in terms of story. The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions may not have been as bad as most people make them out to be, but let's just say the news of a Matrix prequel trilogy has us... cautiously optimistic.

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Rumors of New “Nintendo Fusion” Consoles Have Sprung up Amid Dismal Wii U Sales News

Nintendo's consoles might be about do the fusion dance.

Sure, gamers all over the Internet predicted the Wii U's failure, but you can find gamers all over the Internet predicting the failure of pretty much every game system. That doesn't help the system's poor sales, though, and a rumor about a new Nintendo console suggests that Nintendo may have a plan—if it's more than just a rumor, that is.

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Did Captain America’s Hayley Atwell Just Get Her Own Marvel TV Show?

Cautiously Optimistic

We told you back in October that Hayley Atwell would love to reprise her role as Peggy Carter on the small screen, and today, the internet is ablaze with rumors that this awesomeness might actually be happening. Following in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s footsteps, Agent Carter could be the next show on Marvel's docket. I'm shaking just thinking of all the retro cosplay opportunities that this show could bring us.

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Did You Hear About the Fantastic Four/X-Men Movie Crossover? Are There Any Pants on Fire in Your Area?

Fact From the Vapor of Nuance

This morning a financial news site offhandedly mentioned that Fox Studios was ramping up their Fantastic Four reboot at least partially so that they could dovetail it neatly into a massive crossover with their ever-expanding X-Men franchise. It was stated offhandedly in the midst of a speculative report on the earning potential of the other two companies that own film rights to Marvel characters, Sony and Fox. It's been widely run with and reported as a new rumor around the web, but don't go planning your Michael B. Jordan/Ellen Page slashfic just yet.

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Those Missing Doctor Who Episodes Might Be Coming to iTunes This Week [Rumor]

You'd think that the BBC would be announcing this with trumpeting heralds.

Another day, another rumor about those missing first and second doctor-era Who episodes that may or may not been sitting in a BBC Ethopia storage facility for the past forty-or-so years. Except if the Radio Times is to be believed, they might be coming to iTunes on Wednesday. Yeah, this Wednesday. Huh what now?

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Fingerprint Scanner? Different Color Options? Here’s a Round-Up of All The New iPhone 5S Rumors

Look at all these things we may or may not know for sure!

Having to wait until 1pm EST to find out everything we want to know about the iPhone 5s (and 5C?) is going to be difficult for all of us. So let's speculate wildly about what kind of new features we're going to see unveiled later today.

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Unsubstantiated Rumor Of The Day: Bryan Cranston As Lex Luthor

Oh Really?

Bryan Cranston, star of Breaking Bad, could soon be playing a well known villain with certain similarities to Walter White, at least according to Latino Review writer El Mayimbe on twitter. Yesterday, El Mayimbe tweeted out several not-so-subtle hints that Cranston might be joining the DC Universe as Lex Luthor.

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Rumored Elspeth Ascended Card From Upcoming Magic: The Gathering Set Theros Spoiled

Mother of Runes plus Oblation plus Iridescent Angel equals the new Elspeth?

Hot on the heels of the release of Magic 2014 and the SDCC info dump for the upcoming Magic: The Gathering expansion, Theros, comes the first possible complete card spoiler for the set. The above image appears to originate from the forums, posted by the user Wizard. If this pans out, things could get interesting.

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Game Rumour Generator Produces Video Games We Could Only Hope to Play

Doesn't everyone want to play a combination of Dead Island and The Saboteur?

Anyone that's at all familiar with the gaming press knows well the infusion of rumor that's fed to the public on an almost daily basis. Sometimes these tidbits pan out, and other times they do not. They range from the incredibly outrageous to the too good to be true. It's...tiring, to be frank, but sometimes it leads to speculation that's quite exciting. It's in this vein that we present Game Rumour Generator: A bit of JavaScript that generates absurd video game rumors.

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Rumor Mill: Windows 8 Might Be Dropping Windows 8

Before you get too excited, let me reiterate that this is almost pure rumor at this point, and even if it's true right now, it could change before the next version is released, but Microsoft is reportedly planning on dropping the "metro" design and bringing back the "Start" button for "Windows Blue," as in Windows 8.1. Please let this be true.

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