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Things We Saw Today: The “Hamilton Mixtape” Live-Stream Concert… Before YouTube Tried to Take It Down (!?)

The video above depicts excerpts of today's live-streamed performance of The Hamilton Mixtape in concert, via the official Hamilton YouTube channel. Except, uh, for reasons passing understanding, YouTube slapped a copyright violation on the video, so the Hamilton channel had to remove the sound. Hopefully the sound will be back soon so that everyone can enjoy it! Until then, search for the show on Twitter; folks have been posting excerpts from the performance.

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Warren Ellis’ RED to be Adapted for Television; Sadly, Probably Without Helen Mirren

Retired and Extremely Dangerous

The RED films are awesome, action-y fun (based on the Warren Ellis comic) that, much like Constance Tillet in my previous post today, remind me that you're never too old to whoop some serious ass. They give me hope that I, too, may one day grow up to look flawless like Helen Mirren and wield machine guns with abandon. I have high hopes! 

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The CW’s New Series Red Will Put Space Cowboys Back On Your Screen

Cautiously Optimistic

The CW may just rise to the occasion with this new series about a human settlement on Mars.

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Helen Mirren Killed All These People And All She Got Was This Red 2 Character Poster

i swear by my pretty floral bonnet i will end you

Red was a solidly enjoyable action comedy that was only enhanced by the fact that it offered a middle aged or older actress a chain gun and a romance in the same story. Frankly, I'm not expecting much from the sequel other than that it have explosions, witty banter, Helen Mirren, and Bruce Willis looking like he just sucked a lemon... but I believe it will deliver, and deliver admirably. Previously in Helen Mirren

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Helen Mirren Is Back As The Classiest Killer Ever In Red 2 Trailer

i swear by my pretty floral bonnet i will end you

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Anthony Hopkins join the cast of Red 2 with Bruce Willis, Mary-Louise Parker, and John Malkovich reprising their roles. They've got a new director this time around though, Dean Parisot. You may know him from such films as Galaxy Quest. And well, that's all you need to know because Galaxy Quest is awesome. (via Deadline) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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Chinese River Turns Red, Not a Sign of the Apocalypse

Residents in Luoyang, China were surely surprised when the nearby Jian River recently changed a brilliant blood-red. The shocking color change apparently has nothing to do with the end of days, but with chemical dyes dumped in the river from so-called "illegal workshops." As startling as the appearance of the river, more troubling are reports that it is still unknown if the dye poses a health risk or even how long the Jian will remain red. I certainly wouldn't go near it, that's for sure. See a video of the blood-red river, after the break.

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RED 2 is In the Works. REDDER, Maybe? ORANGE Would Be Next on the Spectrum… Hmm.

As announced by Summit Entertainment yesterday, Erich and Jon Hoeber, the writers behind the screenplay of RED, are at work scripting a second installment of the story.  No word yet on what the sequel will entail, plot-wise, but anyone who saw the first movie will be aware that it sets up for a sequel. A sequel that has John Malkovich in drag.

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Attention to Detail

"Robert isn’t a very showy director, but it’s clearly his most cleverly shot film yet.  Also there’s a bit where someone gets exploded into two distinct pieces. I always appreciate that kind of attention to detail." - Warren Ellis on the red carpet premiere of RED, which is based loosely on his comic miniseries of the same name, don'tchaknow.

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Geekolinks: 10/15

Bruce Willis on Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis

Bruce Willis, action hero, RED star, and cologne magnate,  is the guest on the latest episode of Zach Galifianakis intentional cringefest Between Two Ferns. Not quite on the same level as the best BTF episodes (it helps when Galifianakis gets to work with longtime collaborators), but it's got its moments: "What are you talkin' about, Willis?" "Did you know that some actors turn down roles?" (via FoD)

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Blue and Red Are the Most Powerful Colors on the Web

COLOURLovers has conducted a fascinating study of the dominant colors on the Internet by analyzing the palettes used by the top 100 brands on the web as determined using Alexa, Compete, and Nielson ratings. Their findings, as you can see in the graphic above: Blue and red dominate, while other colors like green and purple are relatively rare.

Why? There may be no shortage of pop-psych explanations for this color distribution -- say, that red symbolizes power and authority, or that blue stands for safety and modernity. But the author of the post points out that many of the companies in question have stuck with the same basic color scheme since they were scrappy startups, unaided by branding research: Mark Zuckerberg, COLOURLover notes, claims to have made Facebook's color scheme blue because he himself is red-green colorblind, a fact corroborated in his recent New Yorker profile. Then again, when Wired analyzed the colors of corporate America in 2003, they also found that red and blue prevailed.

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