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A Few Things to Consider Before You Go Around Punching Nazis

This Twitter thread was written back in January, but its thoughtful take on punching Nazis is more relevant than ever in light of the events in Charlottesville.

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Michael B. Jordan Is Ripped, Punches Things in the First Trailer for Rocky Spinoff Creed

The story of one lame rock band—oh, wait. Wrong Creed.

Normally, this movie wouldn't have enough super powers, space flight, or time travel to get us interested, but it has plenty of Michael B. Jordan. That'll do.

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New Study Shows Human Faces Evolved for Punching

I thought that's what God made pillows for?

Your face? That wasn't made for smiling. Your hands? Not for holding! Research published today says our species has a more violent past than previously thought, to the extent that our ancestors' faces were made to be punched.

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Spider-Man: Threat or Menace? Man in Spidey Costume Punches Woman

Say it ain't so, Spidey! Say it ain't so! Police say 35-year-old Philip Williams was arrested yesterday for punching a woman in Times Square. Why does that concern us? He was dressed as Spider-Man when he did it. Between J. Jonah Jameson and Dan Slott, Spidey's been getting all the bad press he can handle right now. This is the last thing old webhead needs right now.

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Depressing New Study Finds That Human Hands Evolved for Punching, Not Playing Flute or Giving Back Rubs


As humans, one of the things that sets us apart from almost all other species on the planet is our sweet hand design, complete with opposable thumb that lets us do everything from input the Konami code to conduct a symphony. We're rightly proud of all the classy, technologically savvy things our hand allow us to do, so it's tempting  to think that they evolved the way they did to allow us access to these higher pursuits. A new study in the Journal of Experimental Biology, though,  suggests that while our hands may have noble ambitions -- like playing a violin concerto, throwing a prefect spiral, or looking up cat videos on a tablet computer -- the evolution of the appendage was largely shaped by one of its most unpleasant, if historically common, uses -- making a fist and using it to whoop the ever-loving hell out of something.

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Fighting Robots Let You Rock, Sock in the Comfort of Your Own Home

For years, humans have sought a means to beat the ever loving crap out of each other with no consequences. Sock 'Em Boppers weren't satisfying enough, Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots left us wanting. That's why humanity created these boxing robots that you can ride around inside and punch each other with mechanical fists.

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