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A Few Things to Consider Before You Go Around Punching Nazis

This Twitter thread was written back in January, but its thoughtful take on punching Nazis is more relevant than ever in light of the events in Charlottesville.

Writer Sarah Gailey’s thoughts concerning Nazi-punching are timeless. Also, practical.

I know this Twitter thread helped me enormously. I’d like to attend a school run by Sarah Gailey.

Just the kind of consideration and practical advice I like to hear when it comes to the subject of punching Nazis. Did you think this article was going to go any other way?

Punch every Nazi that you see. Punch their Nazi friends. Rip up their Nazi flags and/or set those flags on fire.

What’s that? You say that you prefer non-violence? “Non-violence is a privilege to those who are not being directly subjected to violence.” Be nonviolent and advocate for nonviolent solutions if you choose, but support the people who are punching Nazis. Because, y’know, the thing about Nazis that many of our family members learned the hard way is that they never stop at one group to vilify, attack, and attempt to eliminate. You might not think those Nazis in Charlottesville are yelling about you when they chant “Blood and soil” and “Jews will not replace us,” but give them time.

Actually, don’t. Punch them right in their Nazi faces and then go treat yourself to something nice, because you’ve earned it.

(via Sarah Gailey on Twitter, image: Marvel Comics)

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