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Harley Quinn Is Getting a Joker-Free Animated Series—and Yes, Poison Ivy Will Be in It

Warner Bros. has ordered a 26-episode animated series called Harley Quinn, which follows the character after she "finally has broken things off with the Joker once and for all, and attempts to make it on her own as the criminal Queenpin of Gotham City." 

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Things We Saw Today: Get Ready for Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy to Visit Riverdale

The upcoming crossover Harley & Ivy Meet Betty & Veronica sounds like a delightful and wacky premise for all characters involved. It's definitely by no means the weirdest Archie Comics crossover.

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Joel Schumacher Is Really, Really Sorry About Batman & Robin

Yeah, so are we.

Batman & Robin, the almost completely unwatchable movie starring George Clooney as a nippled Batman and Arnold Schwarzenegger chewing the frozen scenery, is twenty years old this month. Director Joel Schumacher would like for you to know that he feels bad about it.

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Things We Saw Today: The X-Files Are Back (But Not in the Way You Might Think)

Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny are set to reprise their roles as Dana Mulder and Fox Scully, just not on television.

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Harley Quinn Will Be Making Her Way to Fox’s Gotham This Season (But Will She and Ivy Be a Thing?!)

You can't keep a good girl (or a bad girl with a mallet) down. With her popularity skyrocketing thanks to her appearance in Suicide Squad and her popular solo comics title, Harley Quinn is finally coming to Fox's Gotham!

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Margot Robbie’s Solo Harley Quinn Movie Brings Gotham City Sirens to the Silver Screen, At Last

Harley Quinn is a great character just on her own, but some of her best storylines have unfolded when she's had occasion to team up with Poison Ivy and/or Catwoman. Sounds like Margot Robbie feels the same way!

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Gotham EP Cites Poison Ivy’s “Power of Seduction” as Reason for Aging Up Teenage Character

It seems that despite assurances to the contrary, we're going to see the aged-up Poison Ivy sexualized in Gotham.

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Now We Know Gotham‘s Plan for Aging up Poison Ivy, and It Sounds Gross

Remember the news that Gotham would be recasting and aging up the role of Poison Ivy, replacing 14-year-old Clare Foley who had played the part for the first couple of seasons? Well, the part has been officially recast, and the plans for the Poison Ivy plot arc sound mega-creepy.

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Pull Wisely: The Spire, Han Solo, Patsy Walker, a.k.a. Hellcat! and More

Welcome, comic book fans, to our weekly round-up of ten titles that we plan to pull tomorrow! This week, the stacks are stacked, with our typical ten recommendations plus two more honorable mentions at the bottom of this post.

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Why Is Gotham Recasting and Aging Up Poison Ivy?

As fans of this Batman prequel TV show know well, Gotham's characters are supposed to be a decade or two younger than their comic book counterparts, since the show takes place during Bruce Wayne's teenage years. Most of the actors aren't actually the right age for this, and the timeline for Gotham is definitely wonky. Nonetheless, the young actors who play Bruce, Catwoman and Poison Ivy are all actually teenagers. However, Poison Ivy is about to get a big growth spurt.

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Pull Wisely: Monstress #4, Black Canary #9, Captain Marvel #3, and More!

Hey there, comics fans! Welcome to this week's Pull Wisely! This week we’re featuring picks from the TMS Pull Wisely team Maddy Myers, Jessica Lachenal, and yours truly, Teresa Jusino. There are some awesome, female-centric titles out this week that we're super-excited about. So, without further ado, here are our top ten comic picks of the week!

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Pull Wisely: Captain Marvel #1, Adventure Time: Ice King #1, and more!

Welcome back to Pull Wisely, in which I join my colleagues Teresa Jusino and Jessica Lachenal in choosing the stack of comics worth picking up this New Comic Book Day -- tomorrow, January 20th, 2016.

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Let’s Speculate Wildly About Our Superheroes’ Favorite Thanksgiving Dishes, Bub!

Thanksgiving is all about gratefulness, cooperation, and stuffing your maw with delicious, delicious foods. In the spirit of teamwork and good eats, then, let's speculate together about what foods our favorite fictional super-powered folks might include on their table.

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Interview: Genevieve Valentine on Writing Catwoman As the Mob Queen of Gotham

Genevieve Valentine's excellent run of writing Catwoman has just ended as of this week, with yesterday's Issue #46 as her last -- alongside artist David Messina, with whom Valentine has worked throughout her too-brief stay. Before the new creative team picks up the reins next week, here's our interview with Valentine about her thoughts on the narrative arc she chose.

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Batman: Arkham Knight Suffers from Its Terrible Treatment of Female Characters

Batman: Arkham Knight is damaged by lazy storytelling and misogyny.

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Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy Confirmed As Girlfriends “Without the Jealousy of Monogamy”

Hey, red.

In a hashtag chat with DC Comics, writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner confirmed that Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy are totally a thing.

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Things We Saw Today: Harley Anna and Poison Elsa Serve Up Some Awesome Frozen/Gotham City Cosplay

Plants never bothered me anyway.

Cosplayers Tesla Isley and Atari Girl totally pick up on the sisterly camaraderie between Gotham City villains Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, and capture that in this creative Frozen/Gotham mash-up cosplay that gives us Harley Anna and Poison Elsa. The plants never bothered her anyway.

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Bruno Heller on Gotham’s Villains & Casting Young Actors as Traditionally Sexualized Comic Book Characters

Executive Producer/Writer Bruno Heller talks to us about utilizing younger versions of sexy comic book characters and the potential for other villains showing up over the course of the series.

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Gotham News Roundup: Two More Villains, “Ivy Pepper” Explained, And Insight Into The Riddler’s Psyche

Pamela Isley 5ever <333

It looks like Bruno Heller's trying to beat the Comic-Con rush by providing some more information about Fox's Gotham, including two new characters to be added to season one. Holy oversaturated market for eventual villainy, Batman! (Spoilers for the series to follow, of course.)

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New Gotham Character Images Released

At least now we know the sun will never make an appearance!

Fox just released new promotional images for next fall's Gotham, and holy unnecessary name changes Batman, why the Poison Ivy switch?

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