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Which Bespectacled DC Villainess Are You?

The Cheetah, The Poison Ivy, and The Catwoman - The Unholy Trinity of DC Archetypes

Are you introverted? Are you shy? Do you perhaps wear glasses? Are you constantly harangued at work by an ill-intentioned boss or harassed by men when you walk home at night? Do you yearn for the power and confidence to stand up for yourself and take what you’re rightfully owed? Do you have a sneaking suspicion that you would look amazing in a skin-tight catsuit?

If so, congratulations! You might be one of the DC movie universe’s triad of fabulous female super-villains! These ladies had the “She’s All That” makeover, but evil! So read on to find out if you are a Barbara, a Pamela, or a Selina!

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(Also honorable mentions go out to Dr Quinzel, and for the male-identifying among us, Edward Nygma!)

The Barbara Minerva/Cheetah

If you are shy, easily frazzled, sometimes clumsy, but you are passionate about your work and collecting antiques (or maybe ancient artifacts), but you dream of being like your confident, fabulous co-worker you might be a Barbara Minerva! She would never let those creepy men cat call her without punishment! All you have to do is speak your intentions to the universe (or perhaps to the Dreamstone if you have it handy) and channel those vibes into becoming a sexy, powerful, confident bad ass! Get that faux-fur coat and those not quite period accurate platform stilettos! Just be careful that you don’t get so lost in this new identity that you hurt your friends, or even risk letting the world end in order to keep it!


Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy

If you are shy, easily frazzled, but you are passionate about your work and saving the environment, (even if your shady boss has much darker, ulterior motives), then congratulations you are definitely a Pamela Isley! It can be hard to set those work/home boundaries, and your boss probably takes advantage of your passion and willingness to put your body on the line. As a result you may find yourself with some incredible new powers that help you become a more confident and alluring version of yourself. You might find it more easy to bend men to your will – or dispose of them all together! Just be careful that you don’t hurt others on your quest to save the environment!


Selina Kyle/Catwoman

If you are shy, easily frazzled, constantly harassed by your boorish boss, but have a strong affinity with animals (especially your cat!) then hot damn! You are definitely Selina Kyle. You are always putting others needs ahead of your own, especially that awful boss of yours, just remember that he doesn’t care about you and will dispose of you the moment you become inconvenient (or perhaps witness a crime!) Your love of animals will save you though and give you a new lease on life! Channel the essence of your feline friends to find grace, confidence, and the ability to pursue your own wants and desires. Just be careful about who you align yourself with and remember not to trample over innocents who might get in your way. Always make sure you get consent before making them lick your patent leather catsuit boot!

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