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Tavis Smiley & Ian McKellen Don’t Understand How Power Affects Consent

Ian McKellen said something hella ignorant. Which is tragic because he is an icon and just one of my favorite actors, but when they f-up you have to call it like you see it.

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Tavis Smiley Suspended From PBS for Alleged Workplace Sexual Misconduct

Yesterday, Variety put out an exclusive statement about the suspension of Tavis Smiley's program from PBS over alleged sexual misconduct.

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New Sesame Street Initiative Teaches Children Strategies for Coping With Trauma

The initiative, titled Sesame Street in Communities comes out today with "[free] materials, including videos, books and games," to "help parents and caregivers, in turn, help young children cope with traumatic experiences."

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Dolores Trailer Gives Iconic Activist Dolores Huerta the Historical Recognition She Deserves

The documentary about the life and work of "iconic labor leader and feminist pioneer Dolores Huerta, who fought for racial and economic justice alongside Caesar Chavez" is hopefully going to get Huerta the full acknowledgement she deserves.

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Two Long-Lost Mister Rogers Episodes Briefly Appeared on YouTube at the Moment We Needed Them Most

The five-episode "Conflict Series" that ran in November of 1983 has become something of a lore for 'Mister Rogers' fans. This weekend, two of the episodes briefly popped up on YouTube, and the timing couldn't have been more perfect.

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Trump Budget Would Eliminate Funding for AmeriCorps, NPR, PBS, and the Arts

The New York Times obtained an internal memo from Trump's Office of Management and Budget, which proposes eliminating Americorps, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

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Trump to “Cut Government Spending” By Cutting All Traces of Humanity From the National Budget

It's a popular refrain among conservatives: Cut government spending! One would think, however, that in order to really cut a bulk of government spending — like, if that's really the thing that matters to you — you'd aim for where the most money is being spent. Instead, Trump's budget plan is set to cut entirely the parts of the budget where basic humanity lives. Because that's how he rolls.

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PBS Just Announced a Bunch of New Space Documentaries

Get That Popcorn Ready!

PBS just announced a slew of upcoming space documentaries. These include Solar Eclipse, about this summer's upcoming solar eclipse; Beyond a Year in Space, about the effects of long-term space missions on the human body; and The Farthest, about the Voyager mission.

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Things We Saw Today: Watch The Full Hamilton Documentary on PBS

Have you watched the Hamilton documentary yet? If not, PBS has made the whole thing available online (provided you're not limited by your region, in which case I fully apologize). If you do manage to watch, I dare you not to cry while watching the footage of POTUS watching Christopher Jackson sing "One Last Time", a parting song from President Washington to the American people.

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Things We Saw Today: The Glass Ceiling, A (Fake) Board Game for Girls

The commercial for a fake board game, made by Comedy Central, is a bit simplistic but it makes the point that it set out to do. That Privilege board game mentioned at the end sounds a lot easier.

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PBS to Air Hamilton Musical Behind-The-Scenes Documentary

Dear Hamilton fandom: get excited.

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What’s This? Danny Elfman Singing Some Nightmare Before Christmas Songs!

Thanks to the magic of public broadcasting, you now have the soundtrack to the rest of your day: a Danny Elfman concert as performed by the Lincoln Center Orchestra.

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Big Blue Live!, a Live Reality TV Show About Otters, Whales, and The Sea (Oh My)

On this week's episode of Keeping Up With the Sea Otter-shians, Otter-Kim is shocked at the revelation that Otter-Kourtney has decided to move ahead with the sea urchin fashion line without her knowledge. Scandal!

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Why Maggie Smith Has To Die At The End of Downton Abbey

What should the final episode look like?

It appears the mutterings about Downton Abbey ending were rooted in truth: series six is likely to be the ITV costume drama’s last.

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In Sesame Street’s “Game of Chairs,” You Win Or You Try

Grover Bluejoy is not messing around.

Also... it looks suspiciously like musical chairs. But puppet Cersei's wig is on point.

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Mini-Series Review: Wolf Hall’s Ending Makes it Worth the Journey

You'll feel equal parts hate and sympathy for the ill-fated Anne Boleyn.

The new PBS miniseries Wolf Hall, about the rise of King Henry's advisor Thomas Cromwell, is one of the few times I’ve watched a miniseries on Masterpiece Theater and thought “I wish this were a seasonal series.”

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PBS Game/Show Tackles the Racist Pitfalls That Can Go Along With NPCs of Color in Video Games

Yeah, I have always been a little side-eye about the Gerudo.

Jamin Warren brings up a lot of good points about how the player agency which lies at the heart of most games often results in dehumanized NPCs, which become doubly problematic when PCs are majority white and/if NPCs are predominantly brown. He also tackles the common scifi/fantasy trope of using inter-species conflict as a metaphor for inter-racial conflict, one that I've been mulling over myself for a while now.

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You Would Cry Too: Remembering LGBTQ Activist, Feminist Anthemist, and It’s My Party Singer Lesley Gore

Renowned '60s girl-pop star, composer and actress Lesley Gore passed away yesterday in Manhattan at age 68 of lung cancer. The iconic singer is survived by her brother and mother as well as her partner of 33 years, Lois Sasson.

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Jovian, The Live-Action Lemur Star Of Kratt Brothers’ Zoboomafoo, Has Passed Away At 20

Me, and you, and our memories, Zoboomafoo.

A scientific icon has left the treehouse. Jovian, the Coquerel's sifaka lemur known for playing the role of Zoboo on the PBS show Zoboomafoo, passed away earlier this week of kidney failure.

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Video Gaming Has a Problem With Jumping Realism, and It’s Mario’s Fault

Don't try this at home.

Humans as a species are not actually very good at jumping, but you wouldn't know that if you looked at video games. And not just platformers, either; even the most realism-driven games sometimes allow players to bounce off the walls like it ain't no thing.  So why is this such a pervasive mechanic? According to PBS Game/Show, it all points back to Super Mario Bros.—and, of course, a heavy dose of wish fulfillment.

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