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Rooney Mara Regrets Playing Tiger Lily in Pan, Particularly in Light of #OscarsSoWhite

Rooney Mara, who has received an Oscar nomination for her supporting role in Carol, has hesitated to weigh in on the ongoing #OscarsSoWhite controversy in part because of her regrets about taking the role of Tiger Lily in Pan. Warner Brothers' 2015 cinematic adaptation of J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan didn't do well at the box office, but even before its release, the film came under fire for casting Rooney Mara as a Native American character.

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Jupiter Ascending, Fifty Shades of Grey, and Fantastic Four Earn Razzie Nominations

One of those things is infinitely superior to the others.

I will defend Jupiter Ascending till my dying breath, but yeah, the rest of the nominees for the 2016 Razzie Awards certainly seem deserving of some razzing.

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Schadenfreude: Warner Bros. Might Lose $150 Million on Pan

Although TMS' Lesley Coffin noted that Joe Wright's Pan has the considerable force of nostalgia on its side, that appeal wasn't enough to make up for the movie's many flaws, and it showed in the dismal reception it received at the box office.

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Review: I Loved Pan. But It’s Got BIG Problems.

3 out of 5 stars.

Sometimes you watch a movie that, logically, you know can’t really be considered “good,” and yet, you just can’t help liking it. Usually, these movies have a sense of nostalgia around them—those nostalgia glasses sure have a strong prescription don’t they?

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Hollywood Producers and Insiders Defend Whitewashing


Remember when Ridley Scott excused the unrecognizably whitewashed Egypt he presented in Exodus by saying he couldn't hire "Mohammad so-and-so" for "a film of this budget?" Seems like it's that time of year again.

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Our Live-Action Wonder Woman Film is Close to Hiring a Writer

We were happy to hear Wonder Woman was getting a woman to sit in the director's chair. Will we go two-for-two?

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Watch the First Trailer For Pan, aka the Most Racist Of Recent Peter Pan Projects

Clap if you are so sick of this shit.

Joe Wright's Pan follows the grand tradition of live-action films revealing a "new side" of familiar characters from the J.M. Barrie tale. In established Neverland custom, it also features horribly racist whitewashing: Rooney Mara plays Tiger Lily. It’s 2014, Joe Wright. At this point the only “untold” Peter Pan story is the non-racist one.

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NBC Casts an Actual Descendent of the Cherokee Nation to Play Tiger Lily in Their Peter Pan Musical

Your move, WB.

"We might only exist because people were drawn to The Sound of Music Live! like a train wreck, and we'll probably be really bad, but at least we know not to cast a white woman as Tiger Lily, Warner Bros.!"

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Things We Saw Today: This Lemongrab Woodblock Art Is Acceptable

Things We Saw Today

Artist Brian Reedy sells prints of this and other nerdy woodcuts in his Etsy shop. (Nerd Approved)

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Things We Saw Today: Ellen Page’s Amazing Response to a Homophobic Pastor

That deserves a slow clap. (Huffington Post)

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White Woman Rooney Mara Might Play Tiger Lily In Pan, Because 2015 Needed Its Own The Lone Ranger

No. No no no no no no no. no.

According to The Wrap, Rooney Mara is "in negotiations" to play Tiger Lily in Warner Bros.'s Peter Pan origin story. Look what you did lending Redface: The Movie an aura of respectability by nominating The Lone Ranger for a Best Makeup Oscar, AMPAS. Look what you did.

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