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NBC Casts an Actual Descendent of the Cherokee Nation to Play Tiger Lily in Their Peter Pan Musical

Your move, WB.


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I don’t want to devote too much space to NBC’s upcoming Peter Pan Live!, starring Girls‘ Allison Williams, because people ironically writing about and watching The Sound of Music Live! is what made its ratings so great. But I would like to point out that they’ve cast one Alanna Saunders (see her singing here), previously of Gypsy and A Chorus Line, as Tiger Lily. And, writes Variety: “NBC notes that Saunders is descended from members of the Cherokee Nation, a counterpoint to the recent controversy over Rooney Mara’s casting in Warner Bros.’ upcoming Pan movie.” My second reaction was, “Hey, NBC, nice job there. You’ve done well.”

My first reaction? NBC specifically saying, “Heyyyyy, guess who didn’t whitewash Tiger Lily?” is hilarious to me. (If a little sad, because what world do we live in that this is the exception?) “We might only exist because people were drawn to The Sound of Music Live! like a train wreck, and we’ll probably be really bad, but at least we know not to cast a white woman as Tiger Lily, Warner Bros.! Ohhhhhhhhhh!

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