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Pacific Rim: Uprising Synopsis Confirms Mako Mori’s Return and a New Defense Force

The official synopsis for Pacific Rim Uprising has been released. Prepare for an "all-out assault on humanity."

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John Boyega Wants YOU to Join the Jaeger Army in Pacific Rim Uprising Teaser

"Innovation is our superpower."

The first teaser for Legendary's long-in-development Pacific Rim sequel, Pacific Rim Uprising, has dropped, and John Boyega wants YOU to join his jaeger army.

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John Boyega Shows Off His Pacific Rim 2 Look, and His Mysterious Detonator

Here's our very first glimpse at Pacific Rim 2's Jake Pentecost, the son of Stacker Pentecost, played by sci-fi stalwart John Boyega.

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Things We Saw Today: A Few Election Victories For LGBTQIA People, Women, and People of Color

Considering what's happened, here's a list of landmark firsts that we shouldn't overlook.

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Jurassic World Screenwriter Derek Connolly to Cancel the Apocalypse in Pacific Rim 2

After talented cinnamon roll Guillermo del Toro stepped down as director of Pacific Rim 2 following numerous studio delays last year, Daredevil's Season 1 showrunner Steven DeKnight took over at the helm. Now, screenwriter Derek Connolly, known for his work on Jurassic World and Safety Not Guaranteed (and soon to collaborate again with Colin Trevorrow on Star Wars: Episode IX), is taking a crack at the script.

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Pacific Rim 2 Is a Go, Daredevil Director Steven DeKnight Earns Guillermo del Toro Approval

Are you ready, gang? After so much back and forth, it seems like Pacific Rim 2 has finally been confirmed, complete with a brand spanking new director.

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Wonderful Cinnamon Roll Guillermo Del Toro Refuses to Give Up on Pacific Rim 2

Never give up, never surrender.

Frankly, if anyone's capable of canceling the cancellation of the apocalypse, it's del Toro. As long as he has hope, we've got hope, too.

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Interview: Guillermo del Toro on the Future of Pacific Rim 2, His Dream to Make a Noir, and Why He Flipped the Gender Script for Crimson Peak

In which I am a nervous goober, and he is a delight.

One of the most resonant things Guillermo del Toro said during his interview with The Mary Sue is "these decisions have a weight." He was speaking specifically about the decision to give Tom Hiddleston the only significant moment of nudity in Crimson Peak, but also generally about making art that ignores conventional gender roles.

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Guillermo del Toro Wants Maisie Williams for Pacific Rim 2

The apocalypse might be indefinitely canceled, but dreams can't be!

Pacific Rim 2 might be canceled indefinitely, but director Guillermo del Toro named Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams as an ideal casting choice via Twitter this week.

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The Determination of del Toro: A Brief History of the Highs & Lows of Guillermo Del Toro’s Career

Guillermo del Toro's assurances last week that we should hold out hope for Pacific Rim 2 gave me a little déjà vu. Not in a bad way, though—the man's resilience is commendable! So, we here at The Mary Sue decided to make a video history of del Toro's past promises and projects—the highs, the lows, and everything in between.

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Gentle Lamb Guillermo Del Toro Says Pacific Rim 2 Is Still On

Canceling canceling the apocalypse.

Kaijus never say die!

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Pacific Rim 2 Cancels the Apocalypse; Production Has “Halted Indefinitely”

According to a report from Hollywood Reporter, Pacific Rim's sequel has been "halted indefinitely and will be pushed back (if it gets made at all)."

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The 8 Best Fictional Weapons Wielded by Warrior Women

A.k.a. the bad-ass sci-fi and fantasy tools that we all wish we owned

In no particular order, here are my personal favorite weapons used by bad-ass women in genre fiction. Whether you're fighting a dragon or a zombie or a literal God, you have to bring the right tools, and these are the best I've seen wielded by ladies of fantasy and sci-fi.

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Guillermo Del Toro Would Love To Put Godzilla In Pacific Rim 3

Perhaps it would be a little too on-the-nose, but apparently, Guillermo Del Toro would love to include an official, canonical Godzilla facing off against a Jaeger in Pacific Rim 3. A sequel to the 2014 reboot of Godzilla is already in the works, and rumor has it that a crossover film could be brewing for these two franchises.

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Charlie Hunnam Didn’t Like Being Upstaged by Robots in Pacific Rim

Too many robots in this "robots punching monsters" movie!

Charlie Hunnam is a huge fan of the original Pacific Rim, but that doesn't mean there aren't improvements he hopes will be made when the sequel starts shooting in Toronto this November.

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This Is for Real, Mako! Pacific Rim 2 Gets a Production Start Date and Working Title

It's draft compatible.

If there's one thing I'm not afraid to hype shamelessly, it's the Pacific Rim universe. Brace yourselves for our breathless coverage of this sequel, my friends. We will know no shame.

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Monday Cute: Tiny Hamster Kaiju Terrorizes City


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Start Your Jaeger, It’s Our First Look at Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim Comic

Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots!

Details on Pacific Rim 2 are still few and far between, but this first look at Tales from the Drift, the ongoing comic Guillermo del Toro announced last summer, is helping fill the kaiju-sized hole in my heart.

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The Mary Sue Interview: Rinko Kikuchi Talks Pacific Rim 2, Star Wars, and Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter

Drift Compatible.

Whether she's slaying as Mako Mori in Pacific Rim or breaking hearts in the new drama Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter (look for our review tomorrow!), Rinko Kikuchi is someone you want to see more of--and if her Star Wars dreams come true, that just might be the case.

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In Honor of International Women’s Day, Here’s An Illustrated Look at Some of Sci-Fi’s Most Badass Ladies

These gals are giving me strength right now.

In honor of International Women's Day this past weekend, Tumblr artist idrawstuffs compiled this incredible series of sci-fi heroines. Brb, writing crossover fanfic where all these women get to meet!

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