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The Canadian Government Mistakenly Sponsored The Pirate Bay

Everybody is supposed to hate internet pirates. That's just how it is now: If you don't, you might end up on some kind of watch list or something. The Canadian government is going to be pretty embarrassed, then, when everybody finds out the Canadian Department of Finance recently bought ads on one of Canada's most popular websites, The Pirate Bay.

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19-Year-Old Entrepreneur Squatted at AOL for Two Months

The question of what to do when you have this great idea but no money has been one that's plagued humans for ages. But what to do when you have this great idea, no money but access to a major campus of technology due to a badge that's failed to have been deactivated is one that the majority of us can only dream about. Not so with Eric Simons. After his $20,000 from Imagine K12, a program hosted at AOL's Palo Alto campus, ran out last fall, he simply decided to live there.

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“Drunk” Tweet Accidentally Sent From American Red Cross Twitter Account

Last night, the above tweet appeared on the Twitter account of the American Red Cross, showcasing something pretty inappropriate for an emergency assistance humanitarian organization. The culprit of the odd tweet was simply someone who had access to the Red Cross Twitter account, and made a mistake using HootSuite. The Red Cross handled the situation pretty entertainingly--something that doesn't happen much these days--and released a charming followup tweet. The best part about all of this, other than the calm (or cold, calculating and secretly terrifying?) poise of the Red Cross, is that the Red Cross managed to turn this digital faux pas into receiving donations (which further solidifies the calculating and terrifying theory), as Dogfish Head Brewery, whose beer was mentioned in the accidental tweet, encouraged donations. Both the culprit's announcement of her mistake and the Red Cross followup tweet can be seen after the break.

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Fireworks Fail, but Spectacularly [Video]

I absolutely wasn't expecting an explosion that big or the debris playing Peggle with the neighborhood either.

(via Best of YouTube)

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NBC Promo for Parks and Recreation Accidentally Releases HUGE Spoiler?

Toward the end of tonight's episode of NBC's Parks and Recreation, NBC aired one of their promos plugging the show's website, as is the custom. However, the promo seemingly contained a humongous spoiler: It told viewers to log onto the show's website for gift ideas for April and Andy's wedding. The thing is, there has been absolutely no sign whatsoever that April and Andy would be getting married anytime soon; in fact, the two characters aren't even dating, as Andy has been trying to win April over since last season.

I have two theories:

  1. NBC released a promo for the show that was supposed to be for a future episode, thus accidentally revealing a huge spoiler at the wrong time.
  2. The episode that the promo aired after featured characters Ron Swanson and his ex-wife Tammy getting married during a drunken binge, and also featured character Jerry giving them a present from their wedding registry. So, instead of revealing a spoiler about April and Andy's future relationship, the NBC promo simply blundered and said the incorrect character names.
However, the problem with theory #2 is the above video clearly shows April and Andy when the voiceover says their names, and I can't seem to find the wedding registry on, where the promo says it'll be. Whatever the reason, it looks like NBC just made a pretty big blunder. UPDATE: Going with theory #2, the show's website finally updated with Ron and Tammy's wedding registry, though it seems to simply be 11 stock photos of nothing related to the show, nor anything comedic. It seems entirely possible that NBC realized their blunder, then quickly threw a Ron and Tammy wedding registry together in an attempt to cover their tracks; however, as the above video clearly shows, both April and Andy are shown on screen when the voiceover says their names in the promo.

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Chinese TV May Have Used Top Gun Footage as Real-Life Air Force Footage

Chinese bloggers accused broadcaster News Broadcast (Xinwen lianbo) on Chinese Central Television for trying to pass off footage from the movie Top Gun (right) as footage from a recent air force training drill that took place on January 23 (left). The news segment was supposedly reporting that a target was hit by an air-to-air missile, causing the pictured explosion. As one may notice from looking at the juxtaposition of the screen captures, both scenes look nearly identical, right down to the pattern of the fire and placement of debris. I personally think News Broadcast should embrace this blunder, and only use scenes from famous movies, taking the stance that real life mirrors the movies so much, and there's all kinds of lessons to be learned from them. Or something.

(Ministry of Tofu via Foreign Policy)

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Garfield Creator Apologizes for “National Stupid Day” Comic Published on Veterans Day

The creator of the the universally-known Garfield comic strip, Jim Davis, released a statement today apologizing for a daily strip that looks like it called Veterans Day "National Stupid Day."

The Garfield comic strip appears in a daily format, and the strip that happened to be scheduled for today ends with the quote "Does anyone here know why we celebrate 'National Stupid Day'?" Oops. The joke was in reference to an ant a spider attempting to talk Garfield out of squishing it by saying if he gets squished, he'll become famous. (Beyond the spider's faulty logic, calling Garfield a "fat slob" probably wasn't a good idea.) Classic middling Garfield humor; kinda shocking if read as an allegory for military service, much less on Veterans Day.

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A Winner of the 2010 Vimeo Awards: “oops”

oops from Chris Beckman on Vimeo. Falling "somewhere between a visual mixtape and a postmodern virtual travelogue," Chris Beckman's experimental short film, called "oops," is composed solely of YouTube videos of people dropping their cameras. It's actually quite neat, interlacing each camera drop with the subsequent clip, in a way that is addictive and hypnotic.

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