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What Is a Problematic Fave?

We know a problematic fave when we see it, but actually nailing down a specific definition can be hard.

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Carol’s Growth, Daryl’s Sexuality, and Negan’s Ruthlessness: What We Saw at The Walking Dead Panel at NYCC

New York Comic Con (or as I like to call it, Nerd Church) is undoubtedly one of the best places to be for a Walking Dead superfan: just as the long hiatus between seasons is coming to a close, fans are blessed with the panel that always includes the majority of the cast as well as sneak peeks of the season that is yet to come.

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From a Certain Point of View: Star Wars and Emotional Labor

Star Wars (like so many big genre properties) is known for its dead mothers or mother figures, and we can’t undo the decades where they weren’t paid much thought. But we can highlight them now and elevate the contribution that they made in the first place.

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We Went to the NYCC Black Mirror Panel and Lived to Tell About It

We managed to escape from NYCC's Black Mirror panel without brain implants, and come bearing word of the fourth season.

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We Saw the First Episode of Marvel’s Runaways and It Was Awesome

At the Hulu/Marvel Runaways panel at NYCC, anticipation was high—and fans' long wait was rewarded when we got to meet the cast and watch the pilot episode. The next day, I spoke with Runaways' cast and creators to learn more secrets of the show.

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A NYCC Marvel Retailer Event Turned Ugly, With Complaints About “Freaking Females” and Diversity

At a retailers' breakfast happening adjacent to NYCC, comic retailers had a panel of Marvel editors, writers, and staff on hand to answer their questions. But a normally tame event erupted into bickering and boos, because our never-ending culture wars always seem to find a fresh battlefield.

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Watch Rosario Dawson Read From Andy Weir’s New Book, Artemis

Audible hosted a party on the moon—or pretty damned close to it—and we got to see Rosario Dawson read from Artemis, the latest book from the author of The Martian.

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New York Comic Con Is Starting Today, and We Need You!

We want to know what interests you most. And if you're at NYCC, we'd love to have your hawk's eye view.

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New York Comic Con Will Only Sell Single-Day Passes This Year

Uh oh.

NYCC has announced that three and four-day passes are henceforth eliminated, in a break from their longstanding practice. Does this help in the quest to get tickets or hurt?

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Interview: Adult Swim’s Dream Corp LLC Talk Rotoscoping and Dream Therapy

I got a chance during NYCC this year to talk to the team of Adult Swim's new rotoscope/live-action show Dream Corp LLC. The show, which was executive produced by John Krasinski and Stephen Merchant is as "absurd workplace comedy" about a dream therapy facility.

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TMS at NYCC Day 2: Interviewing the Creative Teams Behind Venture Bros., The War for the Planet of the Apes and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

We spoke to the creators and cast members from some great shows for updates and shenanigans.

Day Two at New York Comic-Con was all about television and film. We spoke to the creative teams behind great projects on screens large and small, including Venture Bros., The War for the Planet of the Apes, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.!

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Doctor Who: Class Trailer, Christmas Special “Superhero” Revealed at NYCC

"For Time has looked at your faces, and Time never forgets..."

Peter Capaldi, a.k.a. the Doctor himself, took to the stage at Madison Square Garden earlier today as part of the New York Comic Con debut of the Doctor Who spin-off, Class, which is set to premiere in Spring 2017 along with the 10th Season of Doctor Who. Check out one of the two trailers they showed above!

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TMS at NYCC Day 1: Star Wars Hasbro Team Responds to Female Representation Critiques

We checked out the latest from the Hasbro Star Wars team and took a VR tour of Legends of the Hidden Temple.

Yesterday was the first day of New York Comic-Con, and we were right there in the thick of it. In this video, we sit down with the Star Wars Hasbro team and talk about making toys for female heroines. Plus, we played some Legends of the Hidden Temple in VR, and did some Nickelodeon trivia.

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Snag Some of Harper Voyager’s NYCC Sci-Fi/Fantasy Book Giveaways Online!

All the free stuff of NYCC with none of the hassle.

Harper Voyager is at NYCC all weekend with some great reading material, but that doesn't mean those of you who can't (or don't want to) make the trek to the con are left out. You can play along at home by getting in on some sci-fi and fantasy e-book giveaways!

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[VIDEO] The Mary Sue Takes Manhattan With Pre-NYCC Hijinks

We previewed upcoming video games, played with Hasbro toys and hit up the Heroes After Dark red carpet event.

Before we hit up NYCC, we had an opportunity to check out some of the pre-event festivities.

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The Mary Sue at NYCC: Marc Russell and Ben Caldwell Talk Prez

Prez is an updated version of Joe Simon and Jerry Grandenetti's bizarre (and racist) DC book from the 70s. It's equal parts absurdist humor and scathing satire, and it's one of DC's best series that nobody's reading. And at this year's New York Comic Con, we got a chance to talk to writer Mark Russell and artist Ben Caldwell.

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You Might’ve Run Into Mark Ruffalo and Jared Leto at New York Comic Con

I wonder what they did with their anonymity. Did they visit some panels? The dealer's hall maybe? Or did they just wander?

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Adventure Time‘s Marceline Spin-Off Premiere Confirmed, Plus a Sing-A-Long!

"Stakes" now has a confirmed release date: November 14th, just shy of two weeks after Adventure Time's season premiere.

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