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California Becomes First State to Legally Recognize Nonbinary Genders On All State-Issued ID Documents

With the signing of the Gender Recognition Act, California officially became the first state to legally recognize nonbinary genders on all state-issued identity documents.

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The New Roseanne Remount Will Feature a Gender Fluid Character, So of Course Bigots Want a Boycott

The casting notice for the new Roseanne season reportedly calls for a gender fluid child. Cue the pearl-clutching.

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My Family Couldn’t Help Me Process the Election—But My Fandom Did

My parents aren't really going to be affected by the Trump administration, which meant I had nobody to help me process Donald Trump's election. Enter fandom.

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How Saturday Night Live, The New York Times, and Bernie Sanders are Normalizing Marginalization

What do a comedy show, a newspaper, and a former political candidate have in common?

Saturday Night Live made a joke at the expense of trans people while the New York Times and Bernie Sanders called for the end of "identity politics," a.k.a equal rights, effectively normalizing the stance Trump has taken on diversity.

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Can We Cool It With The “Women Disguised as Men” Trope Already?

Sincerely, your tired non-binary author.

My representation-starved heart can't keep getting its hopes up like this.

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