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New Pokemon Movie Nabs Guardians of the Galaxy and Gravity Falls Writers

Divert your attention from Pokémon Go for a moment because there’s a new Pokémon movie coming out and it’s going to be awesome.

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Hasbro Cinematic Universe Promises “Female Empowerment,” Brings on Impressive Team of Writers

Featuring Captain Marvel, Luke Cage, and Black Panther alums!

If you'd asked me yesterday for my thoughts on the Hasbro Cinematic Universe, Hasbro and Paramount's planned series of feature-length ads films featuring the G.I. Joe, Micronauts, Visionaries, M.A.S.K. (Mobile Armored Strike Kommand), and ROM: SpaceKnight brands, I probably would have been highly dubious.

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10 Women Who Should Be Involved in Bryan Fuller’s New Star Trek Series

Call them maybe.

Last week, when we covered the addition of writer/director Nicholas Meyer to the team on Bryan Fuller's new Star Trek series for CBS All Access, I mentioned that while I was thrilled with his addition, I was also waiting for a female name to be associated with the project. Hell, maybe even several if they're feeling particularly rambunctious! So, I've decided to help.

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Writer Nicole Perlman Clarifies Those Labyrinth “Reboot” Reports to Calm Us All

The timing of the news of a Labyrinth "reboot" felt a bit icky (considering David Bowie's recent death), if a bit unsurprising, but screenwriter Nicole Perlman wants everyone to know they won't be remaking our childhoods in the modern image.

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There’s Going To Be a New Labyrinth Movie

But will it be a reboot or a sequel?

Per The Hollywood Reporter, Tri-Star has finalized a deal with The Jim Henson Company to work on a new Labyrinth movie, with Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain Marvel co-writer Nicole Perlman set to work on the screenplay.

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James Gunn Standing Up for Gamora Merch Is How We’d Like Him to Advocate for All Women in Film

Last night, Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn did a Facebook Q&A with fans where he talked about Groot, his relationship with Marvel, and the need for Gamora merchandise (duh). Check out the full Q&A after the jump!

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James Gunn Doubles Down on Promise for More Female Characters in Guardians 2

High on believing

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 may be missing Nicole Perlman, but it seems like the sequel may still have a lot to offer in the way of awesome ladies.

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Captain Marvel Scribe Talks Strong Female Characters and the Pressure of Writing Marvel’s First Female Superhero Movie

Carol Corps, Assemble!

"Meg and I are doing a lot of brainstorming and we’ll catch ourselves and say, ‘Wait a minute, what are we saying [here] about women in power?’ Then we have to say, ‘Why are we getting so hung up on that? We should just tell the best story and build the best character.’"

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Female Sci-Fi Writers Nearly Sweep the 2015 Nebula Awards

Making Sad Puppies even more sad.... :(

We've been hearing a lot lately about the presence of women, or lack thereof, on various ballots in various sci-fi literary competitions, not the least of which are the Hugos. Well, so far - in spite of everything, women are well-represented among award winners this season!

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James Gunn Finishes First Draft of Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Teases Us with a Spoiler-Free Glimpse

Tell me your secrets, oh title page.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (#NotEvenTheTitle) doesn't hit theaters until nearly two years from now, but that doesn't mean James Gunn is sitting on his A-Hole.

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Captain Marvel Movie Officially Lands Writers Nicole Perlman & Meg LeFauve; Get Excited


We've still got a bit of a wait for the Captain Marvel movie, but despite being pushed back a few months for Spidey-reasons, Marvel is making progress and has just officially announced some exciting writers for the project—especially for those of you who enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy. So... everyone.

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Guardians‘ Nicole Perlman and Inside Out‘s Meg LeFauve in Talks to Write the Captain Marvel Movie

So Amy Poehler as Captain Marvel, then?

We interrupt our weeping over Michelle MacLaren's departure from Wonder Woman for some good news! According to The Hollywood Reporter, Marvel's first-ever female-led superhero movie is lining up some incredible talent.

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Yes, Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Nicole Perlman Wrote A Black Widow Script. But Marvel Has “A Lot On Their Plates.”

WWGD, Feige? What Would Groot Do?

In yet another round of disappointing but unsurprising Marvel Studios updates, that rumored Black Widow treatment from Guardians co-writer Nicole Perlman does exist. But are audiences any closer to seeing the "elusive" female-led MCU movie? You sweet summer children, Marvel is busy.

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Guardians of The Galaxy Gets A New Writer, We Learn Some Interesting Black Widow News

My Spidey Sense Is Tingling

When Marvel announced their line-up of upcoming films at Comic-Con there were two obvious questions - who would star and who would write? Well now we have an answer to at least one of those questions as it concerns the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. We also found out there's a Black Widow script floating around. (WHAAAAAT?) Hit the jump for details! 

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The Women Behind the Disney/Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 2


Yesterday we brought you the pretty well supported rumor that Marvel will be revealing the next expansions of its movie universe in two weeks at San Diego Comic Con, and that among those efforts is going to be a live action Guardians of the Galaxy movie. But lest we forget, Marvel is partnered up with Disney these days, and if there's anything that Disney is known for, it's animation. How long do we have to wait for the announcement of what we all know Disney wants to do: make animated feature films for kids based on Marvel characters? According to rumor, not very long at all.

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