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Writer Nicole Perlman Clarifies Those Labyrinth “Reboot” Reports to Calm Us All


The timing of the news of a Labyrinth “reboot” felt a bit icky (considering David Bowie’s recent death), if a bit unsurprising, but screenwriter Nicole Perlman wants everyone to know they won’t be remaking our childhoods in the modern image.

We’ve heard rumblings of a Labyrinth sequel in the works before, and of course we’ve had them denied, because that’s how these things go. Then, the Hollywood Reporter threw around the word reboot in the most recent discussion, and all the 80s and 90s kids had a bit of an existential crisis. Luckily—or perhaps unluckily, depending on how you feel about word usage—we live in a world where “reboot” applies to any number of ways to resurrect intellectual property, including sequels, which seems to be the case here.

In this case, Perlman, who was the original writer on Guardians of the Galaxy and is involved with the new Labyrinth, wants us to know that if and when we get more Labyrinth, it won’t dance magic dance all over the past:

She also mentioned that this has been in motion for a while (no surprise, considering those previous rumors), and the timing doesn’t make anybody happy—at least not her:

So while we may not exactly be excited about a modern Labyrinth sequel right now, at least the original still gets to say:


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