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9 Things That Happened This Week That Have Nothing To Do With Donald Trump or Elon Musk

It's not all bad news.

Artemis 1 rocket launch

November 15th was a rough day, between Russian missiles hitting Poland, Elon Musk continuing to make Twitter even worse (somehow), and Trump announcing his intent to run in 2024. But there are plenty of good things happening in the world too. Here are nine news stories about good things happening in the world.

Artemis I Mission rocket launches

Artemis I rocket launched successfully last night; this is the first in a series of future missions “to build a long-term human presence at the Moon.” It is an unmanned mission but will hopefully lead the way for manned missions.

Robotic Legs are helping Stroke Patients’ mobility

Researchers in southern England have been conducting studies into how robotic legs, combined with physiotherapy, can help stroke victims recover more quickly. The device would be something patients could use at home, which would allow for more consistent treatment than infrequent hospital visits.

Nigerian Designer fights Fast Fashion with brand Azach

Uche Aladimma has been fighting fast fashion by taking second-hand denim, leather, khaki, and corduroy clothes and turning them into new pieces. Nigeria receives many second-hand clothes from other countries and those that are not sold there end up in a landfill. Aladimma’s goal is to make clothes more durable, that will last for years, unlike fast fashion clothing which may wear out after a few wears.

Judge Ends Trump-Era Asylum Seeker Policy

A federal judge has ended Trump’s infamous “Title 42” immigration policy, which turned away asylum seekers at the border due to “COVID concerns.” The judge argued that with COVID restrictions lifting all across the US, the title is unnecessary and is being used to prevent asylum seekers from entering the US. The Biden administration has asked for a five-week delay to prepare for the influx of refugees but otherwise seems to be complying with the order.

Gay/Interracial Marriage Codified

The “Respect for Marriage” Act that would codify gay and interracial marriage has made it through the House and is scheduled to have a procedural vote in the Senate today. While some conservatives have been pushing against gender acceptance in schools, the bill was written by both Democrats and Republicans and will likely receive bipartisan support. Even the Church of Later Day Saints (aka the Mormon church) has come out in support of gay marriage (which may be too little too late for some people, but at the same time, you know things are wild when the Mormon Church says it’s not a big deal).

Washington Dulles opens Metro Station

Another story in things long overdue, Washington Dulles finally has a train station in its airport, allowing travelers to get to where they’re going with greater ease and without needing a car. Technically, the airport did have a station nearby before this but getting to it required long walks and multiple escalators. The line is also expected to eventually reach Washinton DC, though there is not an express line planned at this time.

Father-Daughter Co-Pilots Fly together for the first time

Captain Chris Bales and First Officer Ally Bales, a father and daughter flight team, flew as pilot and co-pilot on a 12-hour United Airlines Tokyo flight on Monday. Captain Chris Bales has been training his daughter for decades and the two were worried their dream would never get off the ground, as Chris is slated to retire in seven months. But First Officer Ally ascended the ranks, thanks in part to a large number of pilots retiring, and yesterday, their dream took flight.

Cute Animals Stories

If you want something a little more fluffy (or furless), we also have some cute animal stories for your entertainment.

Another (Thankfully) Happy Landing

A plane carrying fifty-six rescue dogs from Louisiana to Wisconsin crashed onto a golf course, but thankfully the injuries to both the human and animal passengers were mild and none died in the accident. Kudos to those pilots and here’s hoping every one of those good boys and girls finds a forever home!

Curious Elephant

A reporter in Kenya was doing a piece on Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage in Nairobi, but the baby elephant was less interested in the broadcast and more interested in playing. The reporter did his best to keep a straight face, but Kindani the elephant refused to be ignored and sprawled her trunk over his face.

What good news have you seen out there this week?

(image: NASA)

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