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8 Fantasy Series We Could Adapt Besides More Lord of the Rings

Amazon is going to use The Lord of the Rings series as their way to create their own Game of Throne-style series, by allowing themselves to explore the vast universe of Middle-Earth. While is this ... definitely a choice one could make, I find myself wondering why couldn't those millions of dollars have been used to create an adaption that was more—I don't know—obscure. Less known. Less already adapted into multiple massive blockbusters.

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Things We Saw Today: Stan Lee Gives Chadwick Boseman His Seal of Approval to Play Black Panther

Yesterday, Black Panther co-creator and Marvel legend, Stan Lee, gave the actor playing the iconic character, Chadwick Boseman, his blessing.

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N.K. Jemisin’s #AntiFascistSFF and Gail Simone’s #ComicsHateNazis Are the Inspiration You Need on This Monstrous Day

Get through today with some inspiration from the #AntiFascistSFF and #ComicsHateNazis hashtags.

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12 Books to Read If You’re a Fan of American Gods

Satisfy your craving for epic tales of gods, magic, and wayward mortals.

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This Year’s Hugo Awards Honor Diverse Authors, Shrug Off Sad Internet Campaign

N.K. Jemisin took the award for "Best Novel" for The Fifth Season.

The 2016 Hugo Awards were announced last night at MidAmeriCon II in Kansas City, MO, and after an attempt by an online group to once again derail the list of winners it was made even more satisfying when all four Hugo fiction categories were awarded to women, with two of them being women of color.

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Open Road Media Honors African-American Sci-Fi Authors for Black History Month

"When there were people of color in these books, they were in the background, or they died quickly, or any number of other stereotypes. For the most part, they just weren't there. And in Octavia Butler's works, they not only were there, they were prominent; they were protagonists. The world looked like the world that I actually saw around me."

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Things We Saw Today: The CW’s iZombie Poster

Things We Saw Today

I'M SO EXCITED FOR THIS!!!!! (via Comic Book Resources)

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I Went To The Mary Sue’s NYCC Panel And This Is What I Saw

The Mary Sue

We were too busy doing our panel to record our panel at New York Comic Con this weekend, so we reached out to a friend of the blog (this isn't the first time he's written for us, but, well, it's been a while) to provide us with recap. So if you weren't there, here's what happened! Buh-gow! This past weekend, The Mary Sue hosted its first-ever panel discussion; in it, a group of six fans and creators talked about diversity in media, finding a character you can identify with, and what makes the X-Men so fabulous.

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The Mary Sue Exclusive Cover Reveal of N.K. Jemisin’s Upcoming The Fifth Season

The Mary Sue Exclusive

I read N.K. Jemisin's Inheritance trilogy last year and found myself devouring a high fantasy series that refused to take the Eurocentric, gender normative, heteronormative default setting of high fantasy as granted. And now, the author herself will be joining us at New York Comic Con for a talk on minority representation in geek media! Orbit Books has offered us this reveal of the cover to her newest book, The Fifth Season, scheduled to hit bookshelves in August 2014. Previously in N.K. Jemisin

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Announcing Our New York Comic Con Panel!

Audience Participation

Are you coming to New York Comic Con? Did you know that New York is our home base? Did you know we're planning cool stuff to do there like a panel and a meetup? It's been a few weeks of trying to get the coolest people to be on our NYCC panel, but the dust has settled and we can finally announce when, where, and, most excitingly, who.

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Happy 25th Anniversary, Octavia Butler!

Inside of a dog it's too dark to read

2012 marks the 25th anniversary of the publication of Dawn, the first book in Octavia Butler's famous Xenogenesis series (also known as Lilith's Brood). Butler was, and perhaps still is, probably the best known African-American female writer in science fiction. She's also the first science fiction writer to receive a MacArthur genius grant, and a list of other science fiction writers who would list her as an inspiration is long. Here, author N.K. Jemesin (whose Inheritance Trilogy is very much worth the read) talks about the effect Butler had on her life and writing.

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YA Publishing Industry De-Gays Books: What Are The Options?


I'm going to try to do this in a hurry, because if you pay attention at all to the publishing industry, then there's absolutely nothing new or shocking about Rachel Manija Brown & Sherwood Smith's revelation in Publisher's Weekly that various editors and agents attempted to de-gay their Young Adult novel, followed by many similar confessions in the comments of that post--because you've just seen it all before. And after a while, you (okay, I) get tired of saying the same things over and over. So let's just recap the last 5 years or so of YA publishing, shall we?

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Connie Willis Wins Eleventh Hugo, Absolutely No One is Surprised

Inside of a dog it's too dark to read

The votes are in, and WorldCon attendees in Reno learned Saturday night that this year's Hugo for Best Novel goes to Connie Willis, perennial favorite ever since her first win for Best Short Story over 30 years ago. The author of the Oxford Universe, made famous in the time-traveling steampunk fantasies The Doomsday Book and To Say Nothing of the Dog, Willis picked this one up for her 2010 omnibus release of the latest two novels in the series, Blackout and All Clear. Like To Say Nothing of the Dog, Blackout/All Clear return the reader to World War II and Willis' relish for combining meticulous historical realism with brilliant technological innovation and moments of pure fantasy.

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