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Morgan Freeman Accused of Sexual Harassment in New Investigation

Another Day, Another #MeToo Story

A new CNN investigation features eight women accusing actor Morgan Freeman of sexual harassment and misconduct. CNN's An Phung and Chloe Melas published an in-depth report detailing accounts of the 80 year old film icon's alleged on-set behavior, where several women claimed he would repeatedly harass them about their bodies and clothing choices.

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Things We Saw Today: Morgan Freeman Guides Us as New GPS Navigation Voice

Several actors have lent their voice to GPS navigational systems over the years, but one we didn't realize we were missing all along until now was Morgan Freeman.

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Things We Saw Today: Girl Meets World Stages Big Boy Meets World Reunion For Season Finale

So apparently, the future of Girl Meets World is up in the air at the moment. Sigh. Perhaps as a sign of a potential end, the show has decided to stage a giant reunion with many of the cast members of Boy Meets World (Minkus! Feeny! Both Morgans!).

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Christian Bale Doesn’t Feel Like He Did Batman Right in The Dark Knight Trilogy

When Christian Bale came face-to-face with Heath Ledger's Joker, he said to himself, "He’s so much more interesting than me and what I’m doing."

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Things We Saw Today: A Super-Realistic Pizza Night Light

Steph Mantis, a Brooklyn-based designer, has crafted this pizza night light for those of you who want to dream of cheesy slices right before you drift off to sleep.

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Things We Saw Today: Speak and Understand Droid (Sorta) With These Awesome R2-D2 Helmets

Childhood dream achievement UNLOCKED! You know you've always wanted to be able to speak in and understand R2-D2's beeps and boops. Well now you can with AE Innovations' Star Wars Droid "Translator" helmets! The video above shows you how they work, and you can head over to Robot 6 for more info!

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Review: Lucy Ain’t Worth 10% of Your Brain

Hoo boy.

There are two things you've got to pretend if you're going to stand a chance of enjoying Luc Besson's Lucy, out this weekend.

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Morgan Freeman and Jimmy Fallon Chatted on Helium

How much helium would it take to re-record March of the Penguins like this?

Morgan Freeman's voice is a national treasure, but that didn't stop Jimmy Fallon from messing with it on The Tonight Show. He interviewed Freeman while they both sucked helium out of baloons. There's a helium shortage in the world, but this might be the best possible use of it.

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Morgan Freeman Continues to Sound Stately and Dignified Even While Sucking Helium [Video]

This is, I'm told, is the voice he will use for the upcoming March of the Chipmunks.

Unusual situations often lead to new insights, Morgan Freeman says in this new promo for his Science Channel program, Through the Wormhole. So wait, what's the insight you get from breathing in a whole lot of helium? That it's fun and hilarious? We can get behind that.

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Here’s What Morgan Freeman Sounds Like on Helium

Hey! Listen!

In case you're unaware, Through the Wormhole is a Science Channel show hosted by Morgan Freeman since 2010, performing such important and groundbreaking experiments as: What does Morgan Freeman sound like when he's breathing helium? Previously in Science!

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Morgan Freeman Wants To Talk To You Tonight About God And Aliens

Obviously there is a God, because our prayers were just answered.

If you're at all interested in extraterrestrials, the Science Channel's week long series "Are We Alone?" is the shameless UFO-fest for you. If you haven't tuned in to the alien version of Shark Week yet, tonight at 10 pm Morgan Freeman will be asking some pretty provocative questions.

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Here’s a Trailer for the One 2014 Movie That’ll Feature Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman

Almost Totally Excellent

In a way this movie also features Marvel's Star-Lord, since Chris Pratt is voicing the lead character. The Lego Movie also features the voice talent of Elizabeth Banks, Alison Brie, Will Ferrel, Liam Neeson, and yes, Morgan Freeman. Also did somebody just like, chuck a shark in that council scene? In protest?

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Things We Saw Today: Katniss Looks At Something in a New Catching Fire Promo

Things We Saw Today

So. *twiddles thumbs* (Think McFly Think)

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Things We Saw Today: Destruction Takes Center Stage in New Pacific Rim Poster

Things We Saw Today

Pacific Rim's official Facebook page describes the Jaeger Coyote Tango as a "Giant Japanese Techno-Tyrant." Mmm, mecha-y. (SuperHeroHype)

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Physicists Attend Their Own “Oscars,” Receive Serious Cash-Money Prizes for Being Smart

When you think of a physicist, what image comes to mind? An asocial nerd? Stephen Hawking? Me, I think of lab-haunting nerds scratching at chalkboards, drawing equations on restaurant napkins, or playing with lasers all day. But then, my father is a physicist  -- worse, he was a military physicist, the most villainous brand of scientist you can imagine. And I'm here to tell you, they really can be nerdy. They're also smart and they know how to party. Case in point: Last night was the second annual Fundamental Physics Prize ceremony, a swanky gala funded by billionaire Yuri Milner that handed out $3 million as a top prize.

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We Exist Because Morgan Freeman Narrates That We Exist

Last week we showed you True Facts About Sloths by YouTube genius Ze Frank, but according to this week's episode of True Facts we only did that because Morgan Freeman narrated us showing you True Facts About Sloths. It seems that the world is controlled not by elaborate laws of physics, but by the dulcet tones of Morgan Freeman's voice. For example, did you know that penguins didn't exist until Morgan Freeman recorded the narration for March of the Penguins? It's true, because it's on the Internet, and the Internet would never ever lie to us.

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This LEGO Batman Movie Is The LEGO Batman Movie We Need [Trailer]

Holy Rusted Metal Batman!

Batman got all of the DC Comics heroes to join him for the sequel to his first LEGO video game, Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, but how would you like to sit back, relax, and watch their crazy hijinks without having to lift a finger? Now you can thanks to LEGO Batman The Movie - DC Super Heroes Unite...which I had no idea was happening until now (apparently it was announced at NYCC). However, we did know Batman and Superman would be making an appearance in the LEGO movie hitting theaters February 2014 called Lego: The Piece of Resistance (starring Chris Pratt, Will Arnett, Morgan Freeman, and Elizabeth Banks). While a lot of these scenes will look familiar to you, they are straight from the game, it is legit and will be released on blu-ray, DVD and digital download in early 2013. Are you excited? (via The Hollywood Reporter) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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Morgan Freeman And Elizabeth Banks Get Turned Into Minifigs For The LEGO Movie

Curiouser and curiouser!

The live-action/CG animated Lego: The Piece of Resistance is getting built pretty fast. They've just added Morgan Freeman and Elizabeth Banks as voice actors. So, will they play minifigs we already know or original plastic people? 

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Lucius Fox Talks Shop In The Latest Dark Knight Rises Clip

i'll just leave this here

Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises is so close I can taste it, and like many high-profile films these days, clips are coming at us left and right. (whether we want them to or not) The other day we posted one of Jim Gordon telling us who Batman is. Today, it's Morgan Freeman's Lucius Fox giving Bruce Wayne a look at some new tech. I suppose this could be considered a spoiler if you are trying to go in completely fresh and don't want to see any of Batman's new toys, so watch at your own risk. (via Empire) Previously in The Dark Knight Rises

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Morgan Freeman Haiku is the Best Haiku [Video]

Impressionist Jim Meskimen putting on the voice of Morgan Freeman is one thing. A very amusing thing but just a thing. When he then continues to perform as Mr. Freeman throughout a series of haiku it transcends typical impressions. The best part? They are written as if Morgan Freeman himself were composing them.

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