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#WheresRey? Not in Star Wars Monopoly, Despite Hasbro’s Promises

Last year, an eight year old girl wrote a letter to Hasbro wondering why there was no Rey token included in the new Star Wars Monopoly game. Hasbro responded to her letter, saying that they left her out because they didn't want to be responsible for spoilers to The Force Awakens, as the board game came out before the film. Later, they promised to include Rey in subsequent versions of the game by the Fall of 2016. It's now Summer of 2017, and we're still waiting.

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Giveaway: Bring Home the Wonder of Wonder Woman By Entering to Win This Amazing Prize Pack!

At this point, you all probably seen Wonder Woman about a billion times. What if I told you that you could have your own pair of gauntlets. And a sword. And a bag like the one Diana carries in the movie. Do I have your attention?

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The PDX Broadsides Sing What We’re All Thinking: We Want Better Representation in Media

An exclusive music video premiere, just for you. Yes, you.

Thanks to the PDX Broadsides, we've got an excellent anthem, one that we can sing along with in protest of Hollywood's continued lack of representation.

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Rey Stands Front and Center of The Last Jedi Merch Box Previews

There's Rey.

The Force Friday hype will be back just as strong as ever, pals.

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Hasbro Is Getting Rid of Gender Categories In Its Revenue Reports


"We believe this is a more relevant and appropriate view of our business." We agree!

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Does the Toy Industry Really Get Why We Keep Asking for Equal Representation in Merchandise?

The reason we're getting equal representation in movie merch and toys matters almost as much as getting it at all.

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J.J. Abrams Says It’s “Preposterous and Wrong” That Rey is Being Excluded From Star Wars Merch

While Hasbro has doubled back on their original claim that releasing Rey as a figure early would spoil the film (and promised to deliver in months to come), you know it's bad when even the film's director isn't happy about the news that we're experiencing a lack of Rey.

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Shops Announce Shortage of Rey Merch, It’s Almost Like People Want Merch With Female Characters

Shop Wars: The Toy Execs Awaken

Consumers have been all over The Force Awakens toys, especially those of the movie's female protagonist, Rey. They've been selling incredibly well, so much so in fact, that shops everywhere are reporting a shortage of toys featuring the Jakku scavenger.

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Into the Unknown: New Official Over the Garden Wall Merch

Have I said "there's a gosh darn mixtape" enough? No? Okay.

Cartoon Network is about to toss some more awesome stuff over the wall: a DVD set, a comic book mini-series, and a gosh darn "For Sara" cassette tape.

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Disney Releases “Limited Edition” Shirt Featuring Female Superheroes, Can’t Seem to Get Color Right

That's supposed to be Kamala, gosh darnit.

Some fans will note that yes, there's totally a Ms. Marvel, and that is absolutely grand, but there's something a little off about her.

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Nerdist Creates Generic Lady Justice to Bring Attention to the Injustice of Female Superhero Merch

I feel like we made this? Did we make this? Did Nerdist possess our bodies for a day?

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Prepare Your Wallets: Star Wars: The Force Awakens Merch Arrives September 4th

They're calling it #ForceFriday. Yeah.

It's as if millions of wallets suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced. I fear merchandising has happened.

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Disappointed, But Not Surprised: Disney Excludes Black Widow From Avengers: Age of Ultron Merch


We told you this was going to happen - and lo and behold, Black Widow is missing from nearly all of Disney and Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron merchandise.

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Get Equipped With Geeky Goodies With the Brand New “Power Up Box” Subscription Service

You are now hearing the Mario Kart 64 item scroll sound in your head.

A brand new, monthly merchandise subscription box service has just launched, and we got our hands on the very first Power Up Box so you can check out what's inside!

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Children’s Place Responds Terribly To Complaints Of Gamora-Less Guardians Shirt

You should have learned.

Hey, Children's Place, you know what's maybe not a good reason for leaving the only female character for a popular superhero movie off of the merchandise for that movie? This one you used right here. 

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You (Yes, You!) Can Get A Singing Telegram From Titus Andronicus Frontman Patrick Stickles

You can get a CD, a T-shirt, or a singing telegram from the lead singer from the the band's online store.

You all have checked out Titus Andronicus, right? No, not the ultra-violent Shakespeare play -- though fairness where it's due, Julie Taymor's adaptation of that work is amazing and totally worth your time. The Titus Andronicus we're talking about it the Brooklyn-based, Jersey-bred rock outfit whose third full-length, Local Business, was one of the best reviewed releases of 2012. That's no surprise, as it comes on the heels of two other critically acclaimed and totally excellent albums, The Airing of Grievances and The Monitor. What is surprising is the latest piece of merchandise -- if you can call it that? --  that appeared on the band's site recently. For just $50, frontman Patrick Stickles will come to your house and sing you a song, so long as you live in New Jersey, New York, or Long Island. 

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Here Are Some Things You Can Buy Now That Disney Owns Star Wars

In a move not unlike the scene where Yogurt shills all that Space Balls merchandise, yesterday Disney pulled back the curtain on some of the items that will be on sale as part of their Star Wars Weekends. As you may have guessed, a lot of it is mouse-shaped and a little silly, but some of it I really, really want to own.

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We Are Totally Drooling Over These Hobbit Moleskines

Okay, I don't usually go in for movie-branded gear around here, mostly because I'm no longer a six-year-old. It's among the many reasons that I'll be avoiding the inevitable and nightmarish gut-trauma that is one of Denny's Hobbit-themed meals this month -- that and an abiding respect for my colon. Every once in a while, though, there comes a product that, against our better judgment, we just have to say a resounding yes to. These Hobbit-branded Moleskine notebooks are such a product, combining my love of all things Middle-Earth and my deep and lasting appreciation of a fine notebook into an item about which I can only mutter a defeated "Shut up and take my money."

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Official Minecraft Store Launches Slew of New Shirts

Mojang has just announced the opening of the official Minecraft store in collaboration with J!NX, bringing with it a whole slew of new shirts to celebrate your status as a master minecrafter. What is perhaps more important is the amazing shirt pictured above, with three faux-airbrushed creepers and a single blocky moon in the distance. Of course "Three Creeper Moon" is not the only one by far. More below:

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Your Fridge is Crying Out for Minecraft Magnets

You love Minecraft, but you can't always be at your computer constructing/destroying edifices and fleeing from crudely shaped monsters. For those times, ThinkGeek has brought us the officially licensed and blessed-by-Notch Minecraft magnets. Though the principle behind their function remains a miraculous mystery, these magnetic squares allow you to plan your next Minecraft creation or construct blocky cutaway views against most metallic surfaces. Of course, you'll have to wait until magnets 1.3 for leaf decay, but it's never been easier to find gold or make bookshelves. The only thing you have to watch out for is your creations being destroyed by Creepers (aka. your room-mate Phil). (ThinkGeek via NotCot)

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