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Firewatch Creator Takes a Stand Against Casual Racism After PewDiePie Streamed a Racial Slur

Because you can't stay neutral in the face of racism.

There's a big difference between supporting streamers and holding a man with an audience of millions accountable for propagating and normalizing bigoted language.

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YouTube Goes Full Live Stream Hipster, Strikes Back Against Other Apps

As a post on YouTube's blog so tactfully reminds us, YouTube has been into live streaming video since "before it was cool." (That's 2011 to be precise, which I would assert was way cooler than 2016, but that's a whole other conversation.) Competing services like Periscope and now Facebook Live have stolen the spotlight, but YouTube's got some plans to take it back.

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Copyright Team Catches Student Live Streaming a Movie on Facebook, Calls the Theater

Down in front Facebook!

In a very "big brother" moment, TorrentFreak reports that a Valparaiso University student who was live streaming a movie from a theater had his phone confiscated after a content identification team allowed the rights holder to find and alert the movie theater to the piracy. Good to know that we live in an amazing future where cybersecurity experts can track down criminals on the fly—and that the impressive capability is being used ... to keep kids from streaming movies on Facebook.

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There’s a Hearthstone Dating Show Now, and It’s Called Fireside and Chill

Admit it: you saw this coming. There's a brand new show coming to Twitch called Fireside and Chill, and it combines dating with one of eSports' biggest titles: Hearthstone.

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YouTube Makes Live Streaming Available to Game Developers

I'm sure we've all been there. You're playing a game, and you think, "If only I could broadcast my sweet Dr. Mario run online so everyone can see how great I am." Well you might not have much longer to wait to make that a reality. YouTube announced at GDC 2013 that they're making live streaming APIs available to all game developers. I hope we get a Battletoads channel so I can just watch people eat it in Turbo Tunnel all day long.

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