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There’s a Hearthstone Dating Show Now, and It’s Called Fireside and Chill

Admit it: you saw this coming. There’s a brand new show coming to Twitch called Fireside and Chill, and it combines dating with one of eSports’ biggest titles: Hearthstone. The idea is that they take ten singles and pair them up to play Hearthstone‘s Arena mode together. By the end of the show–which is supposed to serve as the “first date” of sorts–they’ll all have the opportunity to ask the other out for a second date. If that happens, then they’re treated to a nice dinner at Chapter One courtesy of Esports Arena, where the show takes place.

The idea seems… intriguing? On the one hand, one has to respect the innovation and thought that went into designing and developing a show like this. Many folks will take potshots at the “lonely gamer/geek/nerd” trope possibly at play here, but I think it’s pretty interesting that these folks are trying to weave their interests and passions into their search for love. In a few ways, it’s a little like going out climbing or on a hike for your first date. You’re both participating in something you love.

But on the other hand, this is something that caters to an online audience. Even in the free 15 minute preview they’ve posted to YouTube, there’s the obligatory repetitive electronic background muzak and a really weird host introduction involving Tinder. Like… okay, I guess? To be frank, it makes the proceedings feel a bit like an MTV dating show. Next, anybody? Oh, and I’m really looking forward (read: not at all looking forward) to watching the live streaming chat on this one. How much do you want to bet that everyone’s going to say some really gross things about the women on the show?

One of the most interesting things about this introduction in particular is that they’ve got a few notable people joining them to try to find their own love. Cristian “Cris” Rosales and Alex “Xpecial” Chu are League of Legends pros, and Travis Gafford is a former Gamespot interviewer. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out for the three of them.

You can check out the first fifteen minutes of the very first episode above. Tell us: what do you think about this show? Is this something you think you’d want to participate in?

(via The Daily Dot, featured image via Blizzard)

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