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Things We Saw Today: The 13th Doctor Grapples With Life as a Woman in This Hilarious Animated Short

In this ingenious animated sketch from Leigh Lehav, Jodie Whitaker's 13th Doctor quickly learns what it's like to be a woman.

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Things We Saw Today: “Fan.tasia” Is the Disney Montage of Disney Montages

Guys, I watch a lot of nostalgic Disney montages—but this one might take the cake. YouTube user Lindsay McCutcheon made a mashup of almost every Disney release since 1989 and set it to Madeon's "Pop Culture."

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Things We Saw Today: Pixar Cutting Down on Sequels

Sorry, RataTWOuille hopefuls.

Pixar president Jim Morris told Entertainment Weekly in an interview last Friday that the studio is recommitting itself to original movies over sequels, despite the recent box office success of Finding Dory. Aside from the already-scheduled Toy Story 4 and The Incredibles 2, Pixar's films for the foreseeable future will all be totally original titles.

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Watch and Cry at the First For the Love of Spock Trailer

Adam Nimoy, son of Leonard Nimoy, raised over $662,00 on Kickstarter to make the documentary For the Love of Spock—a tribute to his father's life and his role as Spock on Star Trek. 

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Zachary Quinto Talks About His Relationship with Leonard Nimoy

Zachary Quinto went on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, where the two talked about his soulless "I'm going to murder you" roles, his heavy-laden brow, and his relationship with the late Leonard Nimoy.

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Things We Saw Today: Sonic the Hedgehog Theme on Keytar!

Talk about a Sonic jam.

YouTuber Rush Coil recently posted a video of him recreating the theme from the first stage of Sonic the Hedgehog.

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Star Trek Beyond Cast Pays Tribute to Leonard Nimoy in Omaze Video

In this video promoting the ongoing charity campaign benefitting St. Jude Children's Hospital, a cause Nimoy held very near and dear to himself, Zachary Quinto shares some touching words about the late actor and the impact he's had on everyone he's worked with.

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The Simple Feeling and Beyond: Kirk and Spock’s Place in Queer History

The modern understanding of queerness and fandom, in all its myriad forms and complexities, owes the lion’s share of thanks to James T. Kirk and Spock. That might’ve been because Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry was fully on board with implying that they were queer.

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Things We Saw Today: Agent Carter Is Headed to Hollywoodland

Entertainment Weekly revealed a super cool poster by Marvel's Kris Anka (the artist on the new Captain Marvel) to promote Agent Carter Season 2 at San Diego Comic-Con next week!

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Asteroid Named in Tribute to Leonard Nimoy

I'm not crying you are

In honour of Leonard Nimoy who passed away earlier this year at the age of 83, astronomers have named an asteroid after the Star Trek actor.

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Crowdfund the Spock Doc! Leonard Nimoy’s Son Is Kickstarting a Film About the Late Star Trek Actor

Adam Nimoy, son of the late Leonard Nimoy, has just launched a Kickstarter campaign for "For the Love of Spock."

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Star Trek’s Grace Lee Whitney Passes Away at 85

At ease, Lt. Commander.

It's difficult to remember that Grace Lee Whitney, who played Yeoman Janice Rand on Star Trek, only appeared in eight episodes of the show when you consider how popular the character remained, particularly for female Trekkies longing to see themselves in Starfleet. Sadly, Whitney passed away on Friday at the age of 85.

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Leonard Nimoy’s Son Directing a Documentary About His Dad and Spock for Star Trek‘s 50th Anniversary


In a highly logical move, Leonard Nimoy's son, Adam, will direct For the Love of Spock, a documentary and tribute to the career of his late father.

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Things We Saw Today: A Condensed, 8-Bit Version of The Walking Dead

It's dangerous to go alone.

If you're behind on The Walking Dead, this 8-bit NES-style recap should get you shambling up to speed in no time.

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Star Trek Writer and Producer Harve Bennett Passes Away at 84


It's been a tough week for space heroes: Leonard Nimoy left us last Friday after 83 prosperous years, Harrison Ford was hospitalized yesterday following a plane crash, and Harve Bennett, the producer and writer who helped bring Star Trek to the big screen and created many of the franchise's most iconic moments, passed away Wednesday in Oregon at 84.

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Things We Saw Today: William Shatner Celebrates Leonard Nimoy’s Life On Twitter

To honor Nimoy's life today, Shatner took to Twitter to answer fan questions about Nimoy and their friendship.

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Feel All the Things With These Touching Leonard Nimoy Tributes

The world lost a great man Friday with the passing of Leonard Nimoy. The news was followed, fittingly, with a lot of tributes and remembrances of Nimoy's life and accomplishments.

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He Lived Long, He Prospered: Leonard Nimoy Passes Away at 83

A great loss to us all.

Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy passed away this evening in L.A.

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Watch 1983’s Leonard Nimoy Tell You About How Return of the Jedi Was Made

It Came From Outer Space

For those young whippersnappers (myself included) who weren't watching Nickelodeon on 1983, this is a clip from Standby: Lights, Camera, Action!, a show where Leonard Nimoy explained how movies were made. Its existence answers the age old question: if Star Wars and Star Trek intersect before the internet exits, does it make a sound? Previously in Leonard Nimoy

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Leonard Nimoy Reveals His Struggle With Pulmonary Disease

Vital Information for Your Everyday Life

The nerd world has been abuzz with concern lately over Leonard Nimoy, who was photographed traveling being assisted through an airport with a wheelchair and an oxygen mask. Nimoy has taken to his own twitter account to end the speculation and make sure his fans know what's really going on with him. And the internet's honorary grandpa has one message for everybody: quit smoking now, not later.

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