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Are eSports Ready for the (Literal) Major Leagues?

Riot Games, makers of League of Legends, and a subsidiary of MLB Advanced Media have signed a $50 million per year esports deal.

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Things We Saw Today: This 8-Year-Old Girl Skateboarding in the Vans US Open Pro Series

Sky Brown is only 8 years old and she's already a pro skateboarder. This summer, she was the youngest girl to compete in the Vans US Open Pro Series.

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ESPN Just Launched an Esports Network

"Esports" vs. "eSports"

ESPN has just announced their latest vertical for coverage: competitive video games. As of today, the channel has announced "ESPN Esports," as well as the hiring of Tyler "Fionn" Erzberger as a writer and Darin Kwilinski as an editor.

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[VIDEO] Cast and Creative of Riot Games’ League of Legends at the Inaugural Tribeca Games Event

The Tribeca Film Festival has become a household name in the independent film world. Now, Tribeca is taking on the gaming world, and The Mary Sue's Sam Riedel and Alec Bernal were able to check out the inaugural Tribeca Games event where the cast and creative of Riot Games' League of Legends were holding court.

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League of Legends Hate Speech Drastically Reduced by Riot Games, so Let’s Go, the Rest of the Internet

"That's just how the Internet/online gaming is!" This does not need to be the case when it comes to excusing the awful things people say to each other online, and Riot Games has taken steps to make sure that League of Legends players behave. Thankfully, they appear to be working.

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Teen Gamer Pleads Guilty to “Swatting” Female Gamers Who Turned Down His Advances

*Incoherent screaming.*

This is where the commonly espoused wisdom of "just turn the guy down"/"just ignore him" meets the harsh reality of "some entitled dudes do crazy things when women don't do what they want."

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Peter Quileesi, Mother Of Raptors: The Mary Sue’s Favorite Comments Of The Week

There is no word for "butt" in Dothraki. You have to hold on to something else.

"I will never tire of Quileesi, mother of Raptors," Sai told us when we posted the Jurassic World Super Bowl commercial last weekend. We agree wholeheartedly, but we also feel like Chris Pratt's talents would come in handy for other things than just raptor-wrangling. Maybe it's time for him to upgrade?

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League of Legends Tournament Reverses Restrictive Anti-Gay and Trans Ruling With Classic Non-Apology

"Good discussion, team!"

I imagine that when the team behind Garena Philippines woke up this morning, they were, to put it mildly, alarmed at their sudden international attention. But the good news is, they've seen the light! Sort of. We think. At least they're not doing the thing we were all mad at anymore.

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All-Female League of Legends Tournament in Philippines Restricts Teams To Only One Gay or Trans Player


Color me confused, but I didn't know being straight and cisgender made you worse at video games. Sure does explain a lot, though!

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How League of Legends Uses Colors To Affect Players’ Behavior

Everything is science if you look deep enough.

Even if you've never launched your own summoner into battle for another team's nexus, you've probably heard about Riot Games' constant efforts to make League of Legends a more civil and welcoming space for its players, using such tools as rewards for good behavior, temporary bans for bad behavior, and more. A whole lot more. Like, stuff you could write a psychology dissertation on, more.

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Monday Cute: This Kitten Is a Terrible League of Legends Teammate

Plus, the only champion he ever uses is Gangplank. What is even up with that, kitten? Do you think you're a pirate?

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Kentucky College Adds League of Legends Scholarship Program for Competitive Gamers


The University of Pikeville has become one of the small number of American institutions of higher learning to add competitive gaming to the list of sports programs they offer scholarships for.

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League of Legends Will Give Players Rewards For Not Being Harassing Jerkwads

The "Don't Be A Dick" prize!

League of Legends, plagued by players who do not embody the spirit of friendship, already has restrictions in place for those who refuse to LoL nicely. Now, they're adding positive reinforcement to the mix, sending special bonus rewards to players who are actually not complete trash humans. Hooray!

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If You’re A Jerk While Playing League of Legends, You’re Going To Get Blocked From Matches

Take notes, all other game companies.

Riot Games have introduced a new rule to League of Legends which would effectively stop all toxic players from entering into matches until they stopped being such total jerkfaces. We approve.

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Don’t Miss a Single PAX Prime Gaming Convention Live Stream This Weekend

It's dangerous to stream alone. Take this.

The PAX Prime gaming convention runs from today, August 29, 2014 to September 1, 2014 in Seattle, Washington. But you can still get in on all the fun thanks to a whole bunch of streams on Twitch. We've collected some of the biggest ones and their stream schedules for you here to simplify your life.

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Things We Saw Today: Destroy Your Enemy’s Nexus In This League of Legends Hoodie

Shark cannon not included.

Want a snuggly and totally casual way to dress up like League of Legends summoner Jinx? This adorable sweatshirt from hoodied will do the trick. You might remember them from their super rad DC-inspired line of hoodies, too.

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League of Legends Now a Varsity Sport With Scholarships and Everything at a Chicago University

But now how will we know who the nerds are?

Today in turning society on its head news, Robert Morris University in Illinois is making a full-fledged varsity sport out of multiplayer online battle arena game League of Legends. Like other sports, it'll have scholarships, a coach, uniforms—all that sports stuff (but no official word on butt-slapping or non-athlete swirlie quota just yet).

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Cultures of Harassment Are Not the Norm, and They Can Be Changed, Whether Online or at San Diego Comic-Con

and let it be known

This process led [League of Legends] to a surprising insight—one that “shaped our entire approach to this problem,” says Jeffrey Lin, Riot’s lead designer of social systems, who spoke about the process at last year’s Game Developers Conference. “If we remove all toxic players from the game, do we solve the player behavior problem? We don’t.” That is, if you think most online abuse is hurled by a small group of maladapted trolls, you’re wrong. Riot found that persistently negative players were only responsible for roughly 13 percent of the game’s bad behavior. The other 87 percent was coming from players whose presence, most of the time, seemed to be generally inoffensive or even positive. These gamers were lashing out only occasionally, in isolated incidents—but their outbursts often snowballed through the community. Banning the worst trolls wouldn’t be enough to clean up League of Legends, Riot’s player behavior team realized. Nothing less than community-wide reforms could succeed. -- Laura Hudson, for Wired. In an article for Wired magazine that only just appeared online today, Laura Hudson argues persuasively that the key to changing social networks that accept harassment as the price one pays to engage is a commitment to changing that community as a whole, not just eliminating the most identifiable bad apples.

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Watch the League of Legends All-Star 2014 Tournament Live [Finals Replay]

Hey, I finally found a sport I'm interested in watching!

Top players in Riot's online gaming juggernaut League of Legends have gathered in Paris to duke it out in the All-Star 2014 tournament. The games will continue all weekend from Thursday, May 8 to Sunday, May 11, so check back to see some impressive professional competitive gaming.

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League of Legends Bots Will Soon Play Like People

So they'll quit halfway before the match ends if they're losing? Great.

Playing a complicated strategy/fighting game with artificial intelligence can always be a bit of a crap shoot. You don't have to worry about a fellow player leaving you out to dry, but AI is also usually fiendishly stupid. Now with a new update, LoL bots will maybe be a little dumb so when you need them to be.

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