Warwick's Prestige Winterblessed Skin from December 2022, Patch 12.23

‘Arcane’s Vander Is Living Up to His Title

Vander is a character that Arcane fans have cried over. Ironically, most League of Legends fans have never heard of the guy before the series. He simply doesn’t exist in the lore of Runeterra and was killed off early on in Arcane.

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But in life, Vander was a well-respected man and a beloved father. After his passing, a statue of Vander was erected in The Lanes. Even Silco, who usurped Vander’s position and held a grudge against him, came to understand why Vander was willing to throw himself away to save Vi and his other adopted children.

Vander was last seen jumping out with Vi from a burning building. He was presumed dead after the effects of the shimmer went out. Vi left after discovering that Powder (Jinx) was at fault for complicating Vander’s rescue, which ultimately led to his death.

Powder was left alone with Vander’s lifeless body and was soon discovered by Silco and his henchmen. He adopted Powder, and that’s how she became Jinx. Nobody showed what happened to Vander’s body, but it’s safe to assume that the man in him died that day.

But is Vander actually Warwick? There are clues that Warwick is Vander, who was transformed into a beast. But more accurately, Warwick is Vander’s hollow shell. Warwick has no memories, and although there are some that come in flashes, he’s incapable of processing them. In his champion bio from League of Legends, all Warwick remembers is a little girl from his past who was screaming somebody’s name. Parallel to Arcane, Vander’s last memory would be of Powder, who was desperately calling out for Vi.

The last time fans saw Vander, he didn’t look anything like the wolfy champion from League of Legends, even after consuming the shimmer. But Singed’s twisted imagination is endless, and maybe he wanted Vander to live up to his title as the “Hound of the Underworld.”

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