L-R: Dantes "Doanel" and Lauren "Laurinchhhe"

‘League of Legends’ Couple Dantes & Laura Officially Split

It’s official. League of Legends Twitch streamers Dantes “Doanel” and Lauren “Laurinchhhe” have officially split. The two had officially started dating in October 2023. Prior to their breakup, they would appear on streams together and became a crowd-favorite couple.

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In a statement made to his X account, the content creator told over 291,300 followers that he and Laura had broken up. In his tweet, he revealed the thought process behind their breakup. Soon after, Laura took to her own X account to share some of her thoughts.

Dantes announces split with Laura

On June 19, 2024, Dante shocked followers with a lengthy tweet revealing he and Laura had broken up.

In his statement, he revealed that he was simply not ready to be in a relationship, and from the start, had made it clear to Laura that his career would be his first priority. He doesn’t place any blame on her; in fact, he reveals that Laura had done everything in her power to accommodate that fact.

Despite claiming she was everything he wanted, Dantes revealed watching her take steps back in her life and career in order to support him took a toll on him mentally. Because of that, he made the decision to end things.

He revealed that he doesn’t know if it’s the right choice or not, but that he is eternally grateful for the love they shared. Dantes asked his fans to show Laura support.

Laura had hinted at their relationship ending two hours before Dante posted his tweet. She took to her own X account and tweeted “And ones more, I wasn’t enough.”

She then quote-tweeted Dantes’ statement with “Happy 9 months.”

Dantes and Laura clap back at negative comments following breakup

While most people sent the two supportive messages following their split, not everyone was positive. And the two content creators chose not to take it lying down.

One X user questioned why Laura dated Dantes, claiming he was a “red flag.” Laura clapped back and stated that just because they see his online persona does not mean they know who he is in private, detailing how he was there during her worst and treated her the best during their relationship.

Laura went live on Twitch following their breakup. In her stream, she thanked fans for being kind to them following the split. She also revealed that she would keep her “Dantes” tattoo, which is located by her collarbone. However, she stated that she would not want to remain friends with him.

Dantes, on the other hand, was accused by another X user of being manipulative while they were flirting in 2022. The user raised eyebrows, as it was noted that all her replies to Dantes were deleted, and only messages from the Twitch streamer remained.

Dantes stated that before Laura, he allowed himself to be surrounded by “girls that didn’t care” for who he was, and flamed the user for their attempts at “character assassination.” He claimed the woman he was talking to was a liar and manipulative, and that the screenshot showcased him trying to find an easy way to end things between them.

Another streamer, tarzaned, quote-tweeted Dantes tweet with “So I can come over now?” This did not sit well with Dantes, who argued that it was not right to post a joke tweet that shamed the girl he was dating.

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