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We Want More Sense8, But Does How We Get It Matter?

There has been talk among fans of Sense8 about the hope that another network or platform will step up to the plate and save the show, as has happened for so many others. Now, one has: and it's porn site, xHamster.

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Sense8 Fans Will Get a Proper Send-Off with 2 Hour Finale Episode

Even though the show is still cancelled, it appears that viewers won't be left on a cliffhanger and will have a proper send-off with one last episode.

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Lilly Wachowski Taking a Break from Sense 8 For Its Second Season

It's been a crazy year for Lilly Wachowski, what with the Daily Mail forcing her to come out as transgender and all. On the one hand, she's out and proud and living her truth. On the other hand, she was forced to deal with living as a trans woman publicly before she may have been ready.

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Decoding the Transgender Matrix: The Matrix as a Transgender Coming Out Story

Neo is the One.

A couple of days ago, I saw a video claiming that The Matrix was a transgender coming out film. I hadn’t watched The Matrix in years, but this struck a chord in me. It felt right. I found my old DVD of the movie and started live-tweeting the main transgender themes from the first Matrix movie. Let's go a bit more in-depth than 140 characters.

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Lilly Wachowski Acknowledges Re-Examination of The Matrix With Lens Focused on Transness

Lilly Wachowski acknowledges this trend of people going back and reviewing the Wachowski siblings' work with a lens that takes their transness into account.

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10 Women Who Should Be Involved in Bryan Fuller’s New Star Trek Series

Call them maybe.

Last week, when we covered the addition of writer/director Nicholas Meyer to the team on Bryan Fuller's new Star Trek series for CBS All Access, I mentioned that while I was thrilled with his addition, I was also waiting for a female name to be associated with the project. Hell, maybe even several if they're feeling particularly rambunctious! So, I've decided to help.

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Golden Globes 2016 Is Not the Year of Transgender Stories

Now with 100% more Space Bees.

New York Daily News has a piece up that calls the 2016 Golden Globes “The Year of Transgender Stories.” I don’t think that these are transgender stories, though; they're not told by transgender people, and most of them don’t even feature anyone who is transgender. The Golden Globe nominations include Transparent (3 nominations), Orange is the New Black (2 nominations), and The Danish Girl (3 nominations).

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Netflix’s Sense8 Releases Eight New Character Trailers

We're already plenty excited about The Wachowskis' and J. Michael Straczynski's upcoming Netflix sci-fi thriller, Sense8. Now, Netflix has released eight trailers to allow us to get to know the characters a little better.

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Netflix Releases First Trailer for The Wachowskis’ Sense8

"Do you know what it means to be reborn a Sense8?"

The Wachowskis excel at telling stories about the underlying truth of things and how interconnected we are as human beings. Now, they're bringing their unique sensibility to our smaller screens, while partnering with with TV vet J. Michael Straczynski, on their ambitious new Netflix series, Sense8. Netflix just released the show's first trailer - check it out!

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This ’70s-Style Trailer Reimagines Jupiter Ascending As Cinderella 2000 And It’s As Flawless As The Film

I've always loved dogs.

You all know I think Jupiter Ascending is the finest film to grace our human souls in years, and this '70s-style trailer does it true justice. I see no lies.

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Review: Jupiter Ascending Is The Worst Movie Ever Go See It Immediately

It's so stupid it's beautiful.

So what exactly is Jupiter Ascending?

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The State of the Trans Nation, 2014

I’d be willing to argue that overall, 2014 has been a positive year for trans people, but I’m not saying that without caveats. ROUS-sized caveats, in fact, as the year has had many tragedies, too. This is the TMS state of the trans nation address, highlighting a few of the biggest trans stories of 2014. I know I’ll be missing some of your important stories, so discuss them in the comments below.

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50 Female-Directed Movies You Should Watch, Part 1: The Mainstream

It's party time! Party time! Excellent!

Welcome to day one of our week-long series of films by female directors. Today: Mainstream movies. All hail Wayne's World.

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Warner Bros. Realizes “Hey, Jupiter Ascending Isn’t Ready Yet,” Pushes It Back to 2015

Oh Hollywood

Well this is... odd. Andy and Lana Wachowski's Jupiter Ascending, starring Channing Tatum as a pointy-eared space elf and Mila Kunis as the space princess he has to save, was supposed to come out about six weeks from now, on July 18th. Only now it’s been pushed back to February 6, 2015, because “the Wachowskis needed more time to complete their work on more than 2,000 special effects shots in the film.” …Is everyone just now figuring this out? The last-minute release date shuffle could make me concerned for the eventual quality of the film, but instead I'm just shaking my head at the Warner Bros. execs and imagining Andy and Lana throwing tennis balls at their heads while shouting "Yo, chuckleheads, post-production takes a lot of time." VFX is typically one of the major high points of a Wachowski movie, so I'm glad they're not rushing it. Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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Mila Kunis Is A Space Princess In The First Jupiter Ascending Trailer

and let it be known

Also, Channing Tatum has elf ears. Or something. Lana and Andy Wachowski didn't really hit it out of the park with Cloud Atlas. Here's hoping this one this one gets a better response. Sean Bean also stars in Jupiter Ascending which probably means you shouldn't get attached to his character. Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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Wachowskis Team Up With Babylon 5 Creator and Netflix for New Series

Here's a sentence that has so many great things in it, it's almost unbelievable: The Wachowskis will be teaming up with J. Michael Straczynski and Netflix to produce a new sci-fi series called Sense8. Remember yesterday when I said if Spotify is going to get into video production they need to do it really well? This is the kind of thing I meant.

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Watch Cloud Atlas, The Matrix Director Lana Wachowski’s Moving Speech About Growing up Transgender

Warning: May Contain Feelings

Last Saturday saw Lana Wachowski, one of the directors of the Matrix trilogy and the upcoming Cloud Atlas, give a speech at the annual Human Rights Campaign gala on the subject of growing up transgender. Parts of it are hard to watch—her recollections of being beaten for not joining a line of boys at school and of a later near-suicide attempt, specifically—but don't let that stop you. The entire speech is incredibly moving and worth your time.

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Ben Affleck’s Made it Clear He’s Not Directing the Justice League Movie; Next Up? The Wachowskis


It was rumored recently that Ben Affleck would be directing the eventual Justice League movie; Now, however, Affleck's responded to that rumor with a resounding "Nope," and we're left looking out at the cast of other possible directors that might be tapped for the project. Among the stronger of the contenders are Lana and Andy Wachowski, the sibling team behind The Matrix.

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The Trailer for Cloud Atlas is Vast, Visually Gorgeous

Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff

This looks like it will be a very long, winding road of a film. The trailer itself is almost six minutes long; if that's proportional to how much time they expect us to sit in our seats and watch the feature-length version then we sure hope it's interesting. It certainly looks epic. Cloud Atlas, based on the novel by David Mitchell, is being adapted by Andy and Lana Wachowski, and directed by Tom Dykwer. From the trailer it appears to be science fiction meets historical fiction, with several separate but interweaving story lines and quite a lot of time-jumping. It also features the dulcet tones of American Treasure Tom Hanks, and that's always had a remarkably comforting effect on us. (via Wired)

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