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Jordan Peele Wants to Bring Gargoyles to the Big Screen. Disney Should Let Him.

And bring the original series to a streaming platform while they’re at it

My afternoons had one consistent highlight from around 1995 to 97: I had to wait through the Aladdin animated series to get to it, or sometimes even Goof Troop, but even that couldn’t dampen my tiny, proto-goth devotion to my favorite show. It was dramatic, dark and fantastical. And awesome. Yes, I’m talking about Gargoyles. Also known as one of the greatest animated series of all time.

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Things We Saw Today: Jordan Peele Reportedly Wants to Make a Gargoyles Movie

Peele reportedly walked into Disney and said he wants to "do a new version" of the 90s animated Gothic series.

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Everything We Know About Jordan Peele’s Follow-Up to Get Out Already Sounds Spectacular

After he stunned us with his brilliant feature film debut, Get Out, we've all been waiting with baited breath to see what project Jordan Peele would wow us with next. Well, he's taken to Twitter to announce it. It's called Us, and the cast he's starting to assemble around it is truly extraordinary.

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Jordan Peele Creates Fake Obama PSA to Show How Easy It Is

Jordan Peele wants us all to have a lot more incredulity about what we see on the Internet. To drive this point home, he's made quite the "fake news" video.

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Jordan Peele Is Making a Lorena Bobbitt Docuseries & It’s About Damn Time

In looking at Lorena Bobbitt, we don't have to celebrate a violent act. But we absolutely should revisit this time when we, as a society, turned a victim of domestic abuse into a punchline and never looked back.

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Jordan Peele Won Best Original Screenplay for Get Out and All Is Right With the World

Jordan Peele is only the third person in history to ever be nominated for Best Original Screenplay, Best Director, and Best Picture in the same evening. Well, he's now one-third of the way to that unique triple-crown.

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Here’s How You Can See Get Out For Free in Theaters This President’s Day

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of the release of Jordan Peele's Get Out, AMC Theatres is hosting free President's Day screenings across the United States.

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Would Jordan Peele Actually Make a Sequel to Get Out?

Jordan Peele has been riding high with his Oscar nominations for Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Picture this year. But even as he goes on to work on other projects, it seems as if he might not be ready to leave the Sunken Place entirely behind just yet.

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Things We Saw Today: Now You Can Take an Online Version of That Get Out-Inspired College Seminar

Does the idea of a college course on Jordan Peele's Get Out, titled "Sunken Place: Racism, Survival, and Black Horror Aesthetic," have your nerd juices flowing? Then we have some good news.

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The 90th Annual Oscar Nominations Are Out, and the More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same

The nominations for the 90th Annual Academy Awards were announced this morning in Los Angeles, and there are some pretty great things to celebrate! There are also some things that remain disappointingly the same. You can check out the full broadcast courtesy of ABC in the video after the jump!

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Jordan Peele Explains What Get Out‘s “Sunken Place” Represents, and Why It Feels Like We’re There Now

"Every day there is proof that we are in the sunken place."

As part of his acceptance speech for the Producers Guild Stanley Kramer Award, Jordan Peele explained what inspiredGet Out's Sunken Place and why "every day there is proof that we are in the sunken place."

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Jordan Peele Says You Can Totally Watch Get Out as a Christmas Movie

The question of "What counts as a Christmas movie?" comes up every year, and now director Jordan Peele has weighed in on whether Get Out, his horror directorial debut, is "a Christmas movie."

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Jordan Peele Responds to All Your Get Out Conspiracy Theories

In a recent video, Jordan Peele answered questions about all those symbolic Get Out details, from the Fruit Loops to the deer to the hats to the ... possible sequel to Being John Malkovich?

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Allison Williams Tells Seth Meyers What White Audiences Won’t Accept About Her Get Out Character

SPOILERS all up in here.

Get Out was one of the best and most thought-provoking films of the year, and as it begins what I'm sure will be a successful journey through awards season one of its stars, Allison Williams, was on Late Night with Seth Meyers talking about the film. One of the most interesting things she brought up was the response of white audiences to her character. **SPOILERS beyond this point if you haven't seen the film.**

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Jordan Peele on Choosing Horror: “Get Out … Is My Greatest Fears in Film”

We're still rolling our eyes over the news that Jordan Peele's awesome directorial debut, Get Out, is being submit for consideration to the Golden Globes as a comedy, because it is very clearly not a comedy. In fact, it's a horror film, a dramatic one at that (albeit with humor in it, for sure), and there's a reason for that.

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Things We Saw Today: Beyoncé Is the Highest Paid Woman in Music This Year—As It Should Be

Even though we are still waiting for that Grammy (those Grammys. Tbh her self-titled album was awesome, let's not forget), that hasn't stopped the queen from getting that money.

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Jordan Peele Is Not Laughing About Get Out’s “Comedy” Golden Globe Classification

When news broke that Get Out, Jordan Peele's runaway hit horror movie, would be in the "best motion picture" Golden Globes category for musicals and comedies, the backlash was swift—due in no small part to the movie being an important expression of racial themes. Whether it was ultimately the studio (Universal) or the Hollywood Foreign Press Association—or both—whose actions resulted in that categorization, Peele is unamused.

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Get Out Is Being Submitted to The Golden Globes As a Comedy? I Guess That’s a Choice.

There is no denying that Get Out is one of the most critically and commercially acclaimed films of the year and is certainly deserving of all of the nominations/awards. Yet, according to Entertainment Weekly, the movie's campaign will be submitting itself as a comedy for The Golden Globes. M'kay?

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Jordan Peele Has a Twilight Zone Reboot in the Works

The Get Out writer and director is bringing back a thriller/sci-fi classic! Jordan Peele is in talks with CBS to reboot the classic series, The Twilight Zone.

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Jordan Peele Is Developing a Show About 1970s Nazi Hunters & We Want It Now Please!

We're guessing audiences' interest in seeing a "diverse band of Nazi hunters" is at a modern high.

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