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Everything We Know About Jordan Peele’s ‘Nope’ (So Far)

Are you excited for Peele's new film? "Nope?" Wow, I really thought you'd say, yes.

Keke Palmer in Jordan Peele's Nope.

If you’re at all a follower of good horror movies, then you’re probably just as excited as we are for Jordan Peele’s upcoming scary-looking, sci-fi film, Nope. Set to release this month, on July 22nd, it certainly looks like it’ll be just as much of a trip as his past films. There’s, as expected, a lot of secrecy around this film, and we can probably expect some twists on our expectations. That said, watch the trailer below and we’ll tell you everything we know!

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The Plot

The story will follow a pair of rancher siblings who are trying to figure out a whole lotta something, going on a whole lotta nothing. Their father is killed by a piece of falling debris, but the sky keeps tearing their ranch a new one, and they begin to suspect that aliens are afoot. Enlisting the help of a tech salesman and a documentarian, they attempt to untangle this far-out mystery…but at what cost? I’m always down for stories about Black cowboys, as that’s a piece of actually-interesting Americana that seldom goes examined, but it’ll especially be fun to watch with that good ol’ Peele touch.

The Cast

The cast will reprise Daniel Kaluuya as its male lead, OJ Haywood (he was also the lead in Peele’s Get Out), with Keke Palmer starring as his sister, Emerald. Steven Yeun will be Ricky “Jupe” Park, another prominent character, which I’m excited to see, since the last time an Asian man had a prominent role in a Peele movie, it was in an antagonistic sense: one of the “buyers” in Get Out was a Japanese man. Brandon Perea is cast as Angel Torres, the tech salesman, which leaves Michael Wincott to round out the main cast as Antlers Holst, the documentarian.

Can’t Wait?

In the meantime, might I make a recommendation? A non-sci-fi-horror film about Black cowboys is Concrete Cowboy, which stars Idris Elba and Stranger Things’ Caleb McLaughlin. It’s a really cool movie, set in modern Philly, and it might help you set the stage for Nope.


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