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We Explain Why the Doors of the General Lee Were Welded Shut on Dukes of Hazzard for John Hodgman

Just doing our part in the name of Internet Justice.

Yesterday on The Judge John Hodgman podcast Hodgman asked the question "Why were the doors on the General Lee welded shut?" I didn't know the answer, so I looked into it, and instead of just emailing Hodgman the answer, I figured I'd let the whole Internet know. So if you're wondering, here's why they're welded:

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When and How Should You Correct Someone’s Grammar? Judge John Hodgman Makes a Ruling

He even brought in friend of Geekosystem Emily Brewster as an expert witness!

In a ruling near and dear to our hearts, purveyor of Internet justice Judge John Hodgman has stepped in to settle a dispute between a married couple about when one should and should not correct another person's grammar. Hodgman even brought in love-defining-lexicographer Emily Brewster as an expert witness.

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Hasbro Rules on What Ben Affleck Playing Batman Really Means for Trivial Pursuit

We also sought the wisdom of Judge John Hodgman.

Last month @GoodJobBrain posted a photo of a Trivial Pursuit card with the question, "Who has never been Batman -- Ben Affleck, Christian Bale, George Clooney, Val Kilmer, or Adam West?" saying the card will be outdated soon. The Internet erupted, but we went to the source and asked Hasbro exactly how Batfleck affects the game.

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Netflix to Produce Original Documentaries and Comedy Specials

They should produce a documentary about a comedy special that's all jokes about House of Cards.

Netflix is already one of the best outlets for watching documentaries and comedy specials, but in a letter to shareholders they announced that they'll begin producing them as well. The company has already shown they're capable of quality content, so it's nice to see they're branching out into new genres.

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John Hodgman Covers Glee’s Cover of Jonathan Coulton’s Cover of “Baby Got Back”

You all listen to the Judge John Hodgman podcast, right? RIGHT? Good. In case you missed last week's episode, it featured one of the greatest moments in the show's history. The show is hosted by occasional Daily Show correspondent, professional PC, knower of all things, and eccentric millionaire John Hodgman with co-host "Bailiff" Jesse Thorn. Hodgman sang the cover of "Baby Got Back" featured in an episode of Glee that was stolen from Jonathan Coulton, who was in the audience. Hodgman and Coulton are friends, and unlike Glee, Hodgman at least gave Coulton implied credit.

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Things We Saw Today: Star Wars, Retold by Unicorns, on a T-Shirt

Things We Saw Today

If you don't think unicorns are badass, you obviously didn't play D&D with Susana in college. (Threadless)

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Things We Saw Today: Boba Fett Riding My Little Pony

Things We Saw Today

You love Star Wars. You love My Little Pony. Do you love Boba Fett riding a My Little Pony? I'm still on the fence. While you're deciding, check out what else we saw today.

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Why Does George R.R. Martin Kill So Many Characters? Blame Marvel Comics

Vital Information for Your Everyday Life

Real life Bunsen Honeydew impersonator John Hodgman sat down with George R.R. Martin in an interview for The Sound of Young America, and the very first thing he asked him about was a bit of internet minutiae. Namely, the fan letter that Martin wrote to Marvel Comics when he was sixteen which was published for posterity in the letters page of Avengers #12. The letter has come to us all the way from 1964 via the time machine known as the internet, and in asking about it John Hodgman unexpectedly delved straight to the source of Martin's willingness to kill any character.

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Best Vacation Ever: We’re Crazy for JoCo Cruise Crazy

What do Jonathan Coulton, John Hodgman, Wil Wheaton, Paul and Storm, Bill Corbett & Kevin Murphy from Rifftrax, Molly Lewis, and Mike Phirman have in common? Two things. First of all, they are the best and brightest in the ever-important worlds of geek music and comedy. Second of all, and I hardly even believe this myself, they are all entertaining on the same Caribbean cruise, taking place from Jan. 2 to Jan. 8, 2011. The cruise, called JoCo Cruise Crazy and organized by Johnathan Coulton, promises to be the best vacation anyone will have ever gone on in any of their lives.

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J.D. Salinger’s Death: Other Writers Respond on Twitter

Judging by the swift, powerful response on Twitter, J.D. Salinger's death has struck a nerve, not least among his fellow writers. Below, tributes, wisecracks, and other reflections the news inspired in Neil Gaiman, John Hodgman, William Gibson, and more: (also, Bret Easton Ellis kinda sounds like a jerk.)

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