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J.D. Salinger’s Death: Other Writers Respond on Twitter

Judging by the swift, powerful response on Twitter, J.D. Salinger‘s death has struck a nerve, not least among his fellow writers. Below, tributes, wisecracks, and other reflections the news inspired in Neil Gaiman, John Hodgman, William Gibson, and more: (also, Bret Easton Ellis kinda sounds like a jerk.)

Neil Gaiman: (Sandman, Coraline, The Graveyard Book, lots more)

“J D Salinger’s died, age 91. I loved the short stories, liked Catcher, admired his isolation and the way he stopped:

John Hodgman: (The Areas of My Expertise, More Information Than You Require)

“I prefer to think JD Salinger has just decided to become extra reclusive.” [if that sounds too soon, consider Hodgman’s great writeup of Salinger in More Information Than You Require]

Less respectfully:

Bret Easton Ellis*: (American Psycho, Less Than Zero, Glamorama)

“Yeah!! Thank God he’s finally dead. I’ve been waiting for this day for-fucking-ever. Party tonight!!!”

Ivan Brandon: (comics: Final Crisis Aftermath: The Escape, Secret Invasion, X-Force)

“fuck. RIP jd salinger.”

Kevin Pang: (This American Life contributor; shorter works)

“I remember my 1st time reading “A Fine Day for Bananafish”, getting to the end & spitting out my milk. “The Usual Suspects” of its day.”

“If anything, JD Salinger will be remembered for his spelling of “goddam””

William Gibson: (Neuromancer, The Difference Engine, lots more)

“Salinger and the Streisand Effect: the singular potency of utter reclusivity. Black holes in the field of celebrity, their constant pull.”

And finally, the most moving, in my opinion:

Whitley Strieber: (The Wolfen, The Hunger, The Coming Global Superstorm [inspiration for Day After Tomorrow])

“Salinger has died. The great literary hero of my youth, him and Kafka. Go to God.”

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