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Legends of Tomorrow Finale Finds the Gang Taking on Al Capone and Legion of Doom’s Newest Member, Malcolm Merlyn

Now that the mega four-way superhero crossover event is in the books, Legends of Tomorrow is getting back to form by taking on non-aliens. This time, they're chasing a Time Aberration to Chicago in 1927.

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Supergirl and The Flash to Have a Musical Crossover Event, Answering All Our Prayers

And also, Victor Garber singing "Edelweiss!"

Apparently, the gods want to one-up Supergirl getting really excited about ice cream, Kara Danvers and Barry Allen bonding over donuts, and the cutest display of superhero camaraderie ever seen on television, and I have zero problem with that. Get ready, DC TV fans there's a Supergirl x The Flash crossover musical 2-parter a'brewin'!

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Things We Saw Today: John Barrowman’s Eisner Awards Cosplay is Perfect

The actor cosplayed as Squirrel Girl, Zapp Brannigan and Harley Quinn.

The actor cosplayed as Squirrel Girl, Zapp Brannigan and Harley Quinn.

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Torchwood Returns as a New Ongoing Title from Titan Comics

Have you been missing Torchwood since its final installment, Miracle Day, in 2011? Perhaps you've been keeping up with the adventures of Captain Jack Harkness in the official Torchwood audio dramas from Big Finish? Now, those adventures continue in a new, ongoing comic written by Captain Jack himself!

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Things We Saw Today: Zombie Mugs Represent How We All Feel Without Coffee

These zombie mugs are amazing. Not only are they hand-crafted by Turkey Merck Pottery, but they're also fully functional. Given the fact that each goes through a serious hand-making process, they'll put you back at least $200--but the next time someone wants to approach you before you've had your morning caffeine, they might think twice.

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Things We Saw Today: John Barrowman’s Adorable TARDIS Cosplay at Dragon Con

John Barrowman wore a beautiful TARDIS dress and a pair of red high heels to his Dragon Con panel, and he did a lot of cute twirling and high kicks to celebrate.

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“Fart in My Mouth and Prove It”: The Arrow Season Three Blooper Reel Has Arrived

Calm down, Barrowman.

Season 3 of Arrow might have come with some somber surprises, but it seems like the cast didn't take themselves (or each other) too seriously.

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John Barrowman Disappoints Trans Fans By Telling Them to “Lighten Up” After His Use of the T-Word

Oh, Captain Jack. I used to think so highly of you.

Sometimes people say stupid things, and when those people are celebrities, those stupid things often get recorded and mentioned later. There are two ways for a celebrity to handle that. Either they learn and grow as a person, acknowledge the stupidity of the thing, and apologize; or they stand by their words and tell anyone who's offended by their stupid comment to "fuck right off." Sadly, John Barrowman, who entered our hearts as the pansexual, loveable Captain Jack Harkness, did the latter.

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Well, Hello There: Torchwood Returns As An Audio Drama

You seriously can't stop Captain Jack.

Captain Jack is back, and he's... well, he's a voice in a new audio drama. But that's better than nothing!

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All About Arrow: “Broken Arrow”

This photo is Oliver's reaction to the title of this episode.

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Happy Birthday John Barrowman and Alex Kingston!

How do time travelers keep track of their birthdays anyway?

It seems that even time-traveling adventurers like to celebrate milestones!

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All About Arrow: “Uprising”

Nothing quite like hero team-ups, am I right?

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Mad With Power, Moffat Names Two Doctor Who Characters He’d Bring Back If He Felt Like It

He's got folders full of characters he could bring back!

Whatever! You don't know Steven Moffat! He can do what he wants! All of time and space... are his to control!

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John Barrowman, Stephen Amell, & Willa Holland Discuss Thea’s Journey & The Women Of Arrow

We spoke with the cast of the show to find out more about the direction of Thea this season and get their thoughts overall on the women of Arrow. Executive producer Marc Guggenheim also chimes in.

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Things We Saw Today: Women Remedy the Lack of Lesbian Emojis by Creating Their Own

It is the right of all people to communicate with tiny pictures.

Emojis have a representation problem, so the lesbianemojis Tumblr (by Katie Streeter & Kim Linn) has stepped in to fix it. Take a look at the rest of their work on the Tumblr and then maybe show your support by buying some prints!

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Tom Hiddleston Accepts The Ice Bucket Challenge In Slow-Mo, John Barrowman Is Wet And Yelling

To be fair, that's the point I would have paused at anyway.

Tom Hiddleston is here per Nathan Fillion's request to prove that faster isn't always funnier.

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SDCC Saturday Gallery: Flash, Arrow, Once Upon a Time, Cosplay & More

Almost home, you guys!!

Yes, San Diego Comic-Con 2014 may be winding down as we speak but The Mary Sue has so much more to share! Check out my pictures from Saturday at the convention including toys, the casts of Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, Once Upon a Time, surprise meetings, and of course cosplay!

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Things We Saw Today: Our First Look At the Disney Villain’s Kids From Descendants

I think I saw a Monster High set like this once.

Welp, that is... pretty much how we expected them to look when we heard the words "Disney villain high school AU" for the first time. Starting left and going clockwise we have Booboo Stewart as Jafar's son Jay, Cameron Boyce as Cruella's son Carlos, Sofia Carlson as The Evil Queen's daughter Evie, and Dove Cameron as Maleficent's "Mal." (via Collider)

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What Do the Stars and Original Creator of Doctor Who Have to Say About a Female Doctor?


This past Wednesday, many of us chatted about Steven Moffat's remarks concerning casting a female in the titular role of Doctor Who. It seemed like a good idea to delve into the opinions of other people who have been involved in the program, as well as some of those who've played the Time Lord hero who makes a habit of transforming his body in order to avoid death.

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John Barrowman & Eve Myles Give Updates On The Potential Future Of Torchwood

The World Doesn't End Because the Doctor Dances

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Torchwood: Miracle Day was BAD. But that doesn't mean I don't want them to try and make magic again, and it seems actors John Barrowman and Eve Myles agree.

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