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Things We Saw Today: People From Those “Sh*thole Countries” Trump Was Referring to Are Sharing Their Stories

After Donald Trump reportedly made ignorant-ass racist comments about not wanting immigrants from "shithole countries"–specifically Haiti and African countries–people from those places have some words for him. They've been sharing their stories and their accomplishments on Twitter.

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Carrie Fisher Told Last Jedi Director Rian Johnson The Universal Truth: “We Need Space Jewelry”


Asked why there's so much jewelry in The Last Jedi, director Rian Johnson explained to a fan on Twitter: "Carrie [Fisher] grabbed my arm and told me with great urgency that we needed 'space jewelry.'" She was a treasure.

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Things We Saw Today: Is Rocket Raccoon Getting An Origin Movie?

Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn was quoted at Hasbro's HASCON, saying, "We are going to learn more about where Rocket comes from in the coming sagas." But what "coming sagas" could those be?

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This Lovely “Resistance Necklace” Raises Money For Planned Parenthood

Brooklyn-based Arcana Obscura, which specializes in jewelry "for the weird at heart," makes pieces that are esoteric, inspired, and unerringly beautiful. Now emerges a necklace that signifies resistance to Trump and his ilk, with half the proceeds going to Planned Parenthood. This is a win-win situation.

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Please Buy Me All of This Gorgeous Twin Peaks Jewelry Posthaste

Or give yourself a present.

The Twin Peaks reboot is this Sunday on Showtime, and I'm a bundle of nerves about it. I am soothed, however, by the sight of these fun and stunning pieces from RockLove Jewelry, purveyors of my favorite geek baubles.

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Things We Saw Today: Denny’s Serves Up a Bit of Relief From Your Everyday Existential Dread

Thanks, Denny's. You're killing us.

Denny's, the perennial late-night hangout for the underaged, the overaged, and everyone in between (so literally everybody I guess), continues to impress with their strong social media game.

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Things We Saw Today: Can Just Anyone Be Iron Man Now?

Apparently, we can't just have one new Iron Man in Riri Williams. A "reformed" Doctor Doom will also be taking on the Iron Man mantle in a new title called Infamous Iron Man. According to Nerdist, “the greatest villain of the Marvel Universe will try something new. Where Tony Stark failed, Doom will succeed. What is Doom’s Master Plan?” I guess Marvel's really determined to have, like, a jillion people being each hero, huh?

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Things We Saw Today: Dogs Flown to Orlando to Comfort Survivors

A group of 12 comfort dogs from Chicago were flown out to Florida to help provide comfort to survivors of the horrific events that took place in Orlando on Sunday.

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The Mary Sue Holiday 2015 Gift Guide, Part 3: Geek Chic!

Shopping managed.

Help your friends and family wear their geeky passions on their sleeve! Below, we've highlighted all the jewelry, makeup, and clothing you need for the sweetest Christmas ever.

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The Mary Sue Poetry Contest: SpaceBling’s New Horizons Jewelry and Pluto Flyby Accessories

In celebration of NASA's New Horizons Pluto Flyby, awesome Etsy shop SpaceBling is debuting its Pluto flyby jewelry and New Horizons fashion accessory line, and offering some of their space swag up to TMS readers!

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Know a Girl Who Loves STEM? Jewelbots Programmable Friendship Bracelets Launch Today

Summer camp trades just went next-level.

Is there a girl in your life (or are you a girl) aged 9-14 who loves coding, technology, and cute accessories? Well, you're in luck, because today is the launch of Jewelbots, programmable friendship bracelets that teach their wearers to communicate using Bluetooth and IFTTT technology.

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Things We Saw Today: Get These Snitch Ear Climbers or Die Trying

Preferable to Bludger earrings, surely.

These "Seek and ye shall Snitch" Etsy ear climbers will run you a Galleon or two ($155 and up) but they sure are gorgeous.

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Enter to Win The Mary Sue & Her Universe’s Darth Vader Jewelry Contest!

Her Universe and The Mary Sue are joining forces for a contest which will help you become more powerful than you could possibly imagine! Find out how you could win an entire set of Her Universe's Darth Vader jewelr -- a $300 value.

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Things We Saw Today: If Age of Ultron Were Made In 1995…

In a world...

What if the Avengers rocked plaid flannel instead of skin-tight superhero suits? This remix trailer doesn't show us that, but it DOES show us what it'd be like if Age of Ultron had been released and marketed in 1995.

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Things We Saw Today: A Very Whovian New Comic Book Day

Allons-y! Geronimo!

I've been loving Titan Comics' Doctor Who stories for both the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors - they sound just like the characters from the shows, they both feature female companions of color, and they're way more interesting than the actual current episodes of Who. The first volumes of both Doctors' stories come out today with great covers from Alice X. Zhang and I recommend you pick them up!

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The Most Beautiful TARDIS Ring In The Universe, Plus Other Amazing Nerd Bling

Anyone got a billion dollars I can borrow?

Who says Star Wars or Doctor Who can't be high class and expensive? Not designer Drew Rummell, who sells his ware on Etsy under the name of DTEK Designs and at Glassman and Hanson Jewelry in Denver, Colorado. Most of these will run you at least $1,000—even more if you select the "platinum" option—but it's totally worth it for a lightsaber ring encrusted with real emeralds or a diamond adorned Serenity pendant, right?

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Emma Watson Sent a Handwritten Thank You Note to Steve Carell for Supporting Gender Equality at the Oscars

She is all-seeing.

Steve Carell didn't take home an Oscar for Foxcatcher last night, but he might have won the greatest prize of all: a personal letter of admiration from UN Ambassador and Generally Awesome Human Emma Watson!

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Things We Saw Today: Samuel L. Jackson on What Marvel Gets That DC Doesn’t

Hey, we didn't make it about Marvel vs. DC this time.

Short answer: Samuel L. Jackson. Marvel gets that people love Samuel L. Jackson.

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Celebrate Valentine’s Day With New Harley Quinn Merch, Just Dump the Joker

It wasn't until I was much older that I realized just how problematic the Harley Quinn/Joker relationship was. That said, Harley herself will always have a place in my heart. Particularly when it comes to fashion. So you can imagine I was pretty excited to get a sample of the new "Harleen" line from Warner Bros. Consumer Products, DC Entertainment, and Hot Topic. Take a look at those items plus a slew of others available at

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Deck Yourself Out Like a Flippin’ Elf With These Handmade Nature Bracelets

Eat your hearts out, Firstborn.

These bracelets are handmade in Coos Bay, Oregon, and feature bark, shells, flowers and other reminders of the natural world preserved in resin. (The next best thing to sporting some dinosaur DNA jewelery, IMHO.)

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