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Things We Saw Today: Quentin Tarantino’s Star Trek Movie Seems Like a Go, Will Be Rated R

The rumors appear to be rumors no longer: Quentin Tarantino's "Star Trek" pitch has achieved warp five speeds, with potential writers screened and Paramount seemingly agreeing to the director's requirement that the film be R-rated.

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Blake Shelton: Sexiest Man Alive 2017—That’s Gonna Be a No For Me, Y’all

How many cousins, uncles, brothers, and family friends do you have that are objectively better looking than Blake Shelton? And less homophobic and racist, too?

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Things We Saw Today: BET is Cancelling Being Mary Jane and I’m Weeping Into A Glass of Wine

Signing Off, I'm Mary Jane Paul

Being Mary Jane, the BET drama staring ageless vampire and beautiful human being, Gabrielle Union, will not be renewed for a fifth season.

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Things We Saw Today: Amber Heard and Her Hair Star in Aquaman Set Photo

Actress Amber Heard shared a picture of break time on the set of the upcoming DCEU Aquaman, and I can’t stop staring at her glorious Mera mermaid-esque tresses.

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Review: How Is The Bad Batch, a Story About a Lawless Wasteland and Cannibals, So Underwhelming?

2 out of 5 Stars

I watched Ana Lily Amirpour's The Bad Batch last month, and despite an exciting premise that featured a Mad Max-esque, lawless wasteland, Jason Momoa, Keanu Reeves, and cannibalism with the director of A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, the film was wholly underwhelming.

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Dolph Lundgren Stays on Brand, Joins Aquaman Movie as a Villain

Aquaman just added another member to its already impressive cast and you might recognize him from various action movies.

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Mark Your Calendars for Jason Momoa’s Aquaman Solo Film

We're very intrigued to see Jason Momoa's upcoming solo turn as Aquaman. Here are the official release dates for the next spate of DC movies that he'll appear in.

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James Wan Wants Aquaman to Have a Classic “Swashbuckling Action Adventure” Feel

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight's, Wan shared this bit about what kind of tone the superhero film will take by referencing an old genre.

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Justice League Cast Celebrates End of Filming

Now that filming is over, it's only a matter of counting down the days until the next Justice League trailer--and from there, we've got a little over a year to go before the film itself premieres on November 17, 2017. (Don't worry. At least we only have to wait until June for Wonder Woman.)

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James Wan on Making an Imposing Aquaman: “He’s Kind of the Wolverine” of DC

Looks like this water kitty will have big, scary claws.

On paper, Aquaman isn’t exactly an intimidating do-gooder who invokes fear into the hearts of land-dwelling mammals everywhere. His jovial character would a need a serious overhaul if he was going to stand side-by-side with DC’s dark, gritty heroes on the big screen. Enter the very tall, muscular, and daunting Jason Momoa.

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Jason Momoa Swaps Aquaman Trident for a Guitar in Set Photo

Jason Momoa seems to be taking James Wan's advice of "let's not forget to have fun with it" on the set of Justice League in this tweet from Zack Synder.

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James Wan Plans To “Have Fun” With Aquaman

Now if only we knew what Wan's definition of fun was.

While James Wan is very well-known for directing several famous horror films, including Saw, Insidious and The Conjuring, he said he doesn't necessarily feel like his adaptation of DC superhero Aquaman has to have the same gritty or dark tone as its predecessor, Batman V Superman.

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Amber Heard Confirms She’s Mera in Aquaman; Here’s Some Costume Hints

Amber Heard has confirmed the rumors that she'll play Mera, Queen of Atlantis and Aquaman's wife, in the upcoming Justice League and solo Aquaman movies. Plus, she's revealed some hints about her costume.

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The Flash and Aquaman Will Not Be “Origin Story” Superhero Movies

While The Flash and Aquaman are officially getting their own standalone superhero films, the DC Comics Cinematic Universe isn't going to spend any time introducing fans to a ton of backstory before jumping right into new plotlines, according to producer Charles Roven.

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Zack Snyder Teases With Jason Momoa Pic From Justice League Production, Which He’s Totally Still Directing, You Guys

"Deep in it." Yeah, that about sums it up.

Despite rumors floating that Warner Bros. is nervous about Batman v Superman and speculation that they might want to change course (i.e. fire Zack Snyder) for Justice League, here's the DC film universe's architect himself teasing production with his very own Aquaman, Jason Momoa.

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The Cut Flips the Gender Script, Asks 15 Male Celebs If They Identify as Feminists


In a bid to ask male celebrities some of the go-to questions always given to their female peers, The Cut asked a bunch of high-profile dudes how they feel about feminism.

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Jason Momoa Says His Aquaman Costume Is Inspired by “Pollution”

I dig it.

Jason Momoa has already warned us his Aquaman will be NO LAUGHING MATTER.

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Jason Momoa’s Portrayal of Aquaman Won’t Make You Laugh

Jason Momoa assured the audience at Fan Expo that he will not be "busting out a bunch of jokes" as Aquaman in the upcoming DC Universe films.

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Inside Wonder Woman’s “Fierce & Intimidating” Design for Batman v. Superman

Batman v. Superman costume designer Michael Wilkinson discussed his designs for the film's heroes with People's Choice, such as the Wonder Woman outfit that he had to design from the ground up.

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Furious 7’s James Wan Will Direct Aquaman!

The Fast and the Flipperous.

We know very little about this movie other than that it's killing it in the diversity department so far, and that's enough for us at the moment.

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