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Jason Momoa’s Duncan Idaho Was Everyone’s MVP in Dune

Jason Momoa bent over with a sword

I went into Dune knowing very little. I knew there were sandworms and spice and that Timothée Chalamet was the son of Oscar Isaac, but that’s about it. So color me surprised when the best character in the entire thing was Jason Momoa’s Duncan Idaho. Now, most of the time, Jason Momoa is the best, but that’s just because it’s Jason Momoa. I wasn’t expecting this level of awesomeness, though, and it is absolutely incredible seeing him shine as Idaho.

Momoa’s performance has also made waves on the internet.

Who is Duncan Idaho?

In Dune, Duncan Idaho is a swordmaster and a good friend to Paul Atreides, as well as one of Leto Atreides’ most trusted men. At one point in the movie, Jason Momoa sees Timothée Chalamet, after having been separated, and literally picks him up and spins him around. Like, in what world were we going to come out of seeing Dune and not love the dynamic between Duncan Idaho and Paul?

But sadly, as fans of Dune know *SPOILERS*, Paul’s dream about Duncan became a reality when he sacrificed himself so Paul and Lady Jessica could escape to go and find the Fremen. He fought off the Sardaukar and truly showed his power by killing 19 of them in a bloody battle that let Paul and Jessica leave, but ultimately ended in his death.

Worried about his future after … all that? Don’t be! When I started looking into him, I discovered the cloning aspect of his story, so I’m happy to report that we’ll probably see Jason Momoa as Duncan again in the Denis Villeneuve Dune-iverse, and that’s good for me and the rest of the internet that has clung to him.

Twitter loves Duncan Idaho

Now, Twitter often loves a character and then forgets about them within a few days, but Duncan Idaho seems to have a staying power online. We’re all fascinated by this character and, according to our own Kaila Hale-Stern, that’s something that has existed for fans of the book series, as well. We all just love Duncan and want to talk about him, and can you blame us?

This is now a Duncan Idaho stan account.

(image: Warner Bros.)

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