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The Latest Trailer for Aquaman Shows Arthur Curry Fighting Supervillain Black Manta

"It's Fish Man."

A new extended TV spot has been released for Aquaman, giving us a better look at Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) and Mera (Amber Heard) fighting Black Manta (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) and his armored henchmen. The trailer open with some local fisherman mocking Arthur, calling him “Fishboy”, before he gets in their faces and tells them that he is, in fact, a fish man.

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We then hear his mother, Queen Atlanna (Nicole Kidman) telling him that he can unite the worlds of land and sea. This appears to be an ongoing theme in the Aquaman trailers: women convincing Arthur that he can unite the realms/be a hero/be a king/save the world. There is also an extended look at the rooftop fight scene as Black Manta and his henchmen (Mantites? No, that’s not a thing) chase Arthur and Mera across the rooftops of a Mediterranean fishing village.

Again I’m struck by the bold, warm colors that director James Wan is using in the film. The desaturated gloom and doom of Zack Snyder’s DC entries make Aquaman‘s rich earthy tones, warm sunlight and phosphorescent undersea palette leap off the screen. The tone is perfectly matched by Jason Momoa’s gregarious bro take on Arthur Curry. He’s like if a bear hug was a person.

The extended trailer also gives us a better look at Dolph Lundgren as King Nereus, as well as the Atlantean armies riding giant seahorses and sharks in an epic underwater battle. We also get to see Queen Atlanna fight off soldiers with her own trident, which is exciting. Part of what makes Aquaman so appealing is how it’s clearly integrating Mera into the action, making her a partner to Arthur rather than just a typical superhero girlfriend role.

We also get a glimpse at some giant crab looking creature, a monster anglerfish, and Momoa rocking a version of the O.G. Aquaman orange and green uniform. I was expecting the suit to look goofy, but it’s a well done adaptation of the original look for the film. What’s most striking about the latest trailer is just how fun the film looks. This is not a movie that’s going to re-invent the superhero genre, and it doesn’t have to be.

After years of overly grave hero fare from the DCEU, it’s nice to see a superhero film that doesn’t take itself so seriously. From the looks of things, Aquaman is going to be a goofy, highly entertaining ride. We’ll have to wait until December to find out.

(via CBR, image: DC)

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