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Uh-oh. Hyperloop One’s Co-Founder and CTO Just Skipped Out

You might say he has ... derailed the company's plans.

Remember Brogan BamBrogan, the distinctively named CTO and co-founder of the Hyperloop One? He just left the company. Uh-oh.

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Hyperloop One Wants to Do Underwater Transport, Once It’s Affordable

The Hyperloop One had its first successful test run last month, and the high speeds that magnetic propulsion can provide sure do seem like the wave of the future. Next up: traveling beneath the waves.

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Hyperloop Transportation Pods Will Be Made out of Vibranium. Yes, You Read That Right.

Who's going to tell T'Challa? I call not it.

In Marvel movies and comics, vibranium is a practically indestructible metal that bends the laws of physics to its will. In real life, it doesn't exist—well, didn't exist. In a bit of marketing flair that certainly caught our eye, the Hyperloop transportation pods will be made from a material that Hyperloop Transportation Technologies is calling "vibranium." I guess in the real world, the only thing stronger than vibranium is a lawsuit from Marvel. Who knew?

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Hyperloop One Plans for Passengers by 2021, Here’s Why Riding It Won’t Kill You

After their first successful test run yesterday in a Nevada desert, the Hyperloop One team has begun to make the rounds, describing the details of their high-speed transportation technology. We could all be riding on a Hyperloop transport in the next few years, if all goes according to plan.

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Watch the First Test of Hyperloop Transport Tech, Reaching 300mph in a Nevada Desert

Back in 2013, Musk posited that magnetic levitation technology could be used to make a high-speed train with the capacity to travel even faster than an airplane. Today, the world got a glimpse of what this technology looks like in action, thanks to the efforts of Hyperloop One.

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Faster Than A Speeding Bullet: Elon Musk Reveals the Hyperloop

Elon Musk worked all night on this? What a procrastinator.

Well, it's here. So here's what's going on with Elon Musk's Hyperloop scheme for building a high-speed maglev transit system, which he calls "a new mode of transport – a fifth mode after planes, trains, cars, and boats."

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We’re Anxiously Awaiting Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Announcement

The Internet isn't a series of tubes, but Hyperloop probably is.

PayPal, Tesla, and SpaceX founder Elon Musk is going to lay out his latest futurist idea today at 1:30 PDT (4:30 Eastern). It's called the Hyperloop, and it's a transit system that can go between San Francisco to Los Angeles in only 30 minutes using magnetic levitation and Futurama-esque vacuum tubes.

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Get Hype: Elon Musk Announces Release Date for Long-Awaited Hyperloop Plans

So now he finally has time to make an Iron Man suit, yeah?

Real-life Tony Stark wannabe Elon Musk has been getting us excited about Tesla motors, space elevators, and privately funded shuttle flights for years now. His latest innovation, the Hyperloop, is a bullet train-like vehicle that can supposedly get you from San Francisco to Los Angeles in only 30 minutes -- and today he finally tweeted that he'll be releasing the alpha designs for this new project on August 12th. Engineer and tech fiends, you'd best start preparing yourselves now. Maybe take a long weekend off from work so you can spend all your time pouring over them.

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