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Dear NBC: Straightwashing Is Not OK (and Maybe Hire Producers Who Aren’t Myopic)

There are so many important, interesting, inspiring stories within the LGBTQIA community. If only the producers and television executives telling those stories actually acknowledged where they came from. In the case of the upcoming NBC drama Rise, its protagonist, based on a real person, will be missing a key element of his identity. The person is gay, but the character will be straight.

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Marvel Wants You to Create Your Own Comics, but Only If You Leave out The “Social Issues”

Also, no farts allowed.

While the app sounds pretty cool, Marvel has a long list of exclusions–prohibited subjects and images that are not allowed in the fan-created stories.

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Editor’s Notes Revealed in Simon & Schuster’s Rebuttal to Milo Yiannopoulos Lawsuit Both Hilarious and Infuriating

I know that Christmas was a couple of days ago, but this tweet from yesterday totally makes it feel like Christmas is still happening!

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Roy Moore Tried to Insult Doug Jones by Pointing Out His Son Is Gay & the Backlash Is Delicious

Pointing out the fact that someone has a gay son is only embarrassing or insulting if you're a bigoted trash monster. Which, of course, Roy Moore very much is.

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Transgender Day of Remembrance: 2017 Was the Deadliest Year on Record for Trans People

2017 was the deadliest year on record for transgender people.

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Turkish City Places Indefinite Ban on Public LGBTQ Events

The capital city of Ankara in Turkey has placed a ban on public LGBTQ events indefinitely, citing concerns about safety when it is really about the preservation of conservative "moral values."

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Ellen Page Sheds Light on the Homophobic Side of Hollywood Harassment and Assault

A day after it was announced that Ellen Page would be taking one of the lead roles in the upcoming Umbrella Academy series for Netflix, she's taken the opportunity to post a statement on her Facebook page addressing the extent of the sexual harassment and assault that goes on in Hollywood. Not only does she speak to her own experiences, but she attempts to amplify those who don't have her privileges.

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Let’s All Remember That VP Mike Pence is Terrible and No, Would Not Be “Better” Than Trump

In a world where politics are increasingly polarized, it makes sense that we'd pay more attention to the loudmouths and blowhards than we do to those who are more reserved and quiet in their delivery. However, it is precisely those people to whom we should be paying the most attention, because they are the most likely to further a hateful, hurtful agenda right under our noses.

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Things We Saw Today: The U.S. Voted Against UN Resolution Banning the Death Penalty for LGBTQIA+ People

So, here's another addition to today's Terrible Parade: The U.S. Amabassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, voted against a resolution that would globally ban the death penalty for LGBTQIA+ people, joining Botswana, Burundi, Egypt, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, China, India, Iraq, Japan, Quatar, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE.

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What You Need to Know About Roy Moore, Steve Bannon’s Latest Bigoted Political Pick

Normally, the defeat of anyone backed by Trump and Mitch McConnell would feel like a victory, but Luther Strange's opponent and now Republican candidate Roy Moore is so much more terrifying. How terrifying? His biggest supporter in the race was Steve Bannon.

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Ellen Recalls Being Instructed Not to Use the Word “We” When Discussing Her Life to Protect Audiences From Having to “Picture” Her Gayness

Is this that 'liberal agenda' we've heard so much about?

Even after Ellen Degeneres had come out, Hollywood executives didn't want her talking about her life for fear of shocking and alienating audiences who might be fine with homosexuality in name only.

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In Horrific Interview, Chechen Leader Says Gay Men Are “Not People” And Don’t Exist in Chechnya

Head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov claimed that Chechnya, where activists report that gay men are being tortured and killed, doesn't "have any gays...To purify our blood, if there are any here, take them."

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The Fight Against Gendered Dress Codes Is Finally Making Progress Now That Men & Boys Are Complaining

When men & boys complain of being hot or uncomfortable, no one assumes their real aim is to sexualize themselves or distract women and girls from their work and studies. They're not told their physical comfort is going to detract from the needs of others. They just–get this–are listened to.

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The White House Omitted Luxembourg’s Gay First Spouse from Their NATO Photo Caption

But, remember, Trump is "much better for the gays"

The official White House Facebook page shared a photo of the NATO leaders' spouses, and their caption rather conveniently omitted Gauthier Destenay, the husband of Luxembourg's prime minister Xavier Bettel.

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This Homophobe Wants Us to Give God Back His Rainbows & Twitter Was Happy to Help

A homophobic radio host says the LGBTQ community is "culturally appropriating" the rainbow and wants us to "give it back" to God.

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Seriously? Lego Batman Is Under Fire for Its “Pro-Gay Propaganda”

The Lego Batman Movie has been out for a few weeks now, which (sigh) I suppose means the manufactured bigotry-based backlash is pretty much right on time.

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A Delta Passenger Called the Cops on Queer Rapper Mykki Blanco Because He Was “Not Comfortable”

On a recent Delta flight, a passenger sitting beside queer rapper Mykki Blanco called the cops because he was "not comfortable" sitting next to "someone like [Blanco.]"

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Black-ish‘s Take on LGBTQIA Discrimination Leads Conservative Pundit to Miss Point Entirely

ABC's Black-ish has never been shy about social commentary. In this week's episode, they took on LGBTQIA discrimination.

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Trump Threatens to Take Away UC Berkeley’s Federal Funding Following Cancellation of Milo Yiannopoulos’ Talk

By "talk" we mean "hate speech".

President Trump tweeted a veiled threat that he would eliminate the funding supplied to UC Berkeley by the federal government.

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3 Actionable Ways to Make Gaming Culture Safer

The point isn’t to appeal to women, people of color, queer individuals or any other specific demographic. It's to make our culture safer for everyone.

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