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Florida’s Terrifying New Anti-LGBTQ Laws Include a Ban on Adult Trans Healthcare and a License To Kidnap Trans Kids

This action has immediate and far-reaching consequences.

On May 17th (a.k.a. literally the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, and Transphobia), Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed multiple anti-LGBTQ bills into law. Among these include SB 254, which immediately bans 80% of all adult gender-affirming care and issues a state-wide drag/pride permit ban.

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The law also contains expanded trans bathroom bans and an expanded “don’t say gay” bill, though these don’t go into effect in July.

I would say “Happy Last Pride Month in Florida” but since the bill bans permits for drag and pride events, I guess last year may have been the last (public) pride event.

Many groups are also calling this an “abduction” bill, as it allows for trans kids to be removed from their homes if one of their parents disagrees with the other’s support of their child’s gender identity. The bill even allows the discriminatory parent to leave the state with the child to prevent gender-affirming care.

Unfortunately, it would be erroneous to say this bill is unprecedented, as the U.S. government has a long history of stealing children from Native communities and sending them to “Indian Schools” where they were stripped of their indigenous culture and identities. Much like the practice of kidnapping Native children, this trans abduction bill will have untold ramifications for generations of queer children in Florida.

Ramifications of these new laws

Many transgender Floridians have been immediately hit, with hormone therapy plans being interrupted and surgeries being canceled.

Thankfully, multiple LGBTQ advocacy organizations and many parents are filing lawsuits against the state for the unconstitutional law.

Between this and the anti-immigrant bill that DeSantis just signed, I can’t help but wonder if Florida is about to see a large exodus of people who just don’t want to deal with DeSantis’ BS. Of course, many people are unable or unwilling to leave their homes, and these draconian bans are not going to stay limited to red states forever—as is already being seen in recent events in Los Angeles. These politicians won’t stop at just their state borders, they will not stop until the whole country is as discriminatory and unwelcoming as they are.

Here’s a list of LGBTQ+ advocacy groups you can donate to / volunteer with if you are able. Also, check in with the trans/queer people in your life. Stand up for and alongside them.

We need to support each other now more than ever.

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