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Gullible People Are Microwaving Their iPhones Because of a Twitter Prank, Don’t Try This at Home

Next year it'll be kinetic energy charging that powers it by throwing.

As advertised, using the new "Wave" technology in iOS 8 will quickly fill your phone's battery—with fire, smoke, and explosions, that is. But that hasn't stopped wide-eyed Internet users for falling for the expensive prank.

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No. Bison Leaving Yellowstone National Park Doesn’t Mean a Volcano Is About To Erupt

They're just hungry, Internet. Relax.

"American Bison" is the top trending topic on my Facebook feed right now. I wondered why, so I clicked to find post after post from local news affiliates and pseudoscientific Facebook Pages sharing this video of bison "fleeing" Yellowstone National Park with warnings of an impending super volcano. The real reason is a lot simpler.

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There’s a Really Elaborate Hoverboard Hoax Going Around Marketing… Something

I'd be more interested in the time traveling car technology, anyway.

I want this hoverboard hoax to be real so badly, because I am a living human being with feelings. Unfortunately, it is most assuredly is not real despite the numerous celebrity endorsements and relatively elaborate website. But what does it all mean? I don't know, but I'm guessing it's viral marketing for something Back to the Future coming our way.

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The “Christmas Tinner” Canned Meal Looks Too Ridiculous to Be True, Because It’s Probably Not

This is just a weird British gamer joke, right?

It's Christmas morning. You've unpacked a load of new games and are pumped to keep playing. Then dinner time rolls around. What are you going to do? Pause and go talk to your family? OF COURSE NOT! You're going to do the only logical thing -- stuff your face full of nine layers of canned Christmas. At least that's what U.K. company GAME thinks.

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Elan Gale Faked Being a Jerk on Twitter, Possibly Still One in Real Life

If you can't trust a reality TV producer's Twitter account, who can you trust?

Over Thanksgiving weekend the Internet blew up with with the story of Bachelor producer Elan Gale livetweeting a feud with a woman on his plane. She was being selfish and unreasonable, and so he responded by being more unreasonable -- only he didn't really. He admitted the whole thing was a hoax.

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Parody Twitter Account Parodies Getting Hacked [UPDATED]

In the wake of the news that Twitter got hacked on Friday, a parody account of the U.K.'s Daily Mail, @DMReporter, pretended to be hacked this morning by a group of hackers who weren't in on the joke. Under the pretense that control of the account had been taken over by protesting hackers, the @DMReporter account tweeted messages railing against mass media right-wing propaganda, while the man behind the account Paul Dacre, went along with the joke, repeatedly asking the hackers to knock it off.

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Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wife, Fake Eagles Snatchin’ Everybody Out Here

Death from the skies! There's a video on YouTube right now that allegedly shows a golden eagle swooping down in a park and attempting to carry off a small child. Golden eagles are one of the largest birds in North America, but could one actually lift a baby? Nope. They can't. There were few things about this video that made us suspicious, and with good reason. It turns out it was fake after all.

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Dry Erase Job-Quitter a Hoax; It Was Lulzy While It Lasted

Actress Elyse Porterfield is probably getting a lot of calls right about now, or at least we hope she is: For she is the real identity of "Jenny DryErase," the 'HOPA' who "quit her job" via dry erase board and whipped the Internet (and a good number of mainstream outlets) into a froth in the process. Nice trollin', TheCHIVE.

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