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Neither Team Green or Black Will Be Happy With Aegon’s End

Whether you’re Team Black and hope Aegon dies off soon, or Team Green and want to hear of a long happy life, here’s how King Aegon II meets his maker.

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Warning: spoilers ahead for House of the Dragon and Fire and Blood.

In truth, neither Team Green nor Black will likely be pleased with the death that finally comes for Aegon the Elder in House of the Dragon. Along the way, he experiences some truly horrific injuries and a short lifetime full of pain. Buckle up for the story of how he heads for the grave.

An early injury for Team Green

Aegon Targaryen on Sunfyre in 'House of the Dragon'

In a battle that should be coming up very soon, Aegon Targaryen finally takes to the skies on Sunfyre, the most beautiful dragon on record. In their very first battle, accompanied by his brother Aemond on Vhagar, they meet Princess Rhaenys and her mount Meleys.

Although the brothers manage to overpower and kill Rhaenys thanks to the combined might of their dragons, Aegon is severely wounded. He suffers severe burns that cover half his body, a broken hip, and numerous broken ribs. The fires from Meleys were so hot that his armor melted into his left arm. It would take him a year to recover, where he spent most of the days asleep or taking copious amounts of milk of the poppy (Westerosi morphine) to help with the pain.

Sunfyre was also badly injured, almost losing a wing and becoming unable to fly back to the capital. He is left at the scene of the battle with a suite of guards, sustaining himself on the bodies of men and horses alike. Despite his wounds, he is able to fend off attack on the ground when the Blacks send soldiers to kill him.

The beginning of the end

Bethany Antonia as Baela Targaryen in the season finale of House of the Dragon season one

When Rhaenyra ultimately takes King’s Landing, Aegon is forced to flee, leaving behind his remaining daughter, wife, and mother. Protected by a bastard knight Ser Marston Waters, Aegon heads to Dragonstone, reasoning it will be the last place that Rhaenyra looks for him.

While there, Sunfyre somehow finds his way back to Aegon, despite still suffering severe injuries. The damaged wing makes it difficult for Sunfyre to fly long distances but, seemingly, the bond between dragon and rider is enough for Sunfyre to make the journey to the volcanic island.

When Aegon takes back the castle on Dragonstone, Sunfyre is put to the test once more. Soldiers attempted to arrest Lady Baela Targaryen, daughter of Daemon and Laena but she managed to elude them and found her way to her dragon, Moondancer. Although she could have sought to flee, she took Aegon and Sunfyre head on when the pair tried to take to the skies in triumph.

In a bloody battle, Sunfyre’s injuries meant he couldn’t get the upper hand over the much smaller dragon. The pair of dragons clashed and eventually fell to earth. Aegon attempted to jump to the ground from the back of his dragon, shattering his legs. These injuries would leave him with even more pain that he would have for the rest of his life. Moondancer died soon after the battle, although Baela survived. As for Sunfyre, he never flew again after that last fight and died soon after.

The last hurrah for Aegon Targaryen

A picture of Corlys Velaryon, the Sea Snake, as he appeared in the first season of House of the Dragon

After all of those injuries, Aegon was left a broken man in constant pain. Although he ultimately was triumphant in some ways, outliving his half-sister Rhaenyra, he finally did meet his end as the Dance of Dragon raged on.

Ruling from King’s Landing but unable to climb the Iron Throne, armies from the Riverlands and the North who swore allegiance to Rhaenyra were marching on the capital, despite Rhaenyra now being dead. Lord Corlys Velaryon, having now defected to Team Green, advised Aegon to surrender but he refused. After ordering his council to cut off the ear of the hostage, Aegon the Younger, and send it to Lord Tully of Riverrun, he climbed into his litter and asked for a glass of wine, wanting to visit the sept.

When his guard opened the litter again, Aegon was dead, with blood on his lips that was presumed to be the work of poison. Though it was never confirmed who did it, Corlys Velaryon, Larys Strong, and Ser Perkin the Flea were accused, with Grand Maester Orwyle thought to have provided it. All but Corlys Velaryon were eventually executed for the deed during the Hour of the Wolf.

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