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Please, Please Let This “Gritty” Robin Hood Movie Be Good

Everything old in Hollywood is new again whenever someone says the word "reboot" followed by "only gritty this time," and now it's Robin Hood's turn. I really want this one to work, but ...

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The Power Rangers Gritty Reboot Gets a Gritty Reshoot

The new Power Rangers movie already looks to be a much grittier remake of the original franchise. But these reshoots suggest the movie will be even darker than we previously expected.

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Dante’s Inferno Will Be A Movie, With “Franchise Potential”

A few hundred years after the release of Dante's Inferno, the first in Dante Alighieri's smash-hit Divine Comedy trilogy, Warner Brothers has finally decided to turn it into a movie. Heh. Okay.

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Some Monster Made a Gritty Reboot of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

...he's going to ask for your life.

[Warning: Grossness to come.] If You Give a Mouse A Cookie is best known as a beloved illustrated children's book about an overall-wearing mouse with escalating dietary demands, but GrittyReboots is determined to leave no childhood unplundered. The Youtube channel has given the titular mouse a makeover in time for Halloween, and this time, when you give him the's too late.

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Earth’s Mightiest Broadcasters Team Up for This PBS: The Movie Avengers Parody [Video]

We've shown you some of the videos by Gritty Reboots before, but PBS: TheMovie stands out for a few reasons. The first being that we love us some PBS, but it also stands out because we can't imagine something we'd want to watch more than a movie where Fred Rogers, Carl Sagan, Bob Ross, and Bill Nye team up to kick some ass.

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This Calvin and Hobbes Trailer’s the Grittiest of Reboots [Video]

Did you love the original Calvin and Hobbes comics or appreciate the recent animated short? Doesn't matter. One way or another, the Gritty Reboots folks have delivered us a fan trailer for a movie that doesn't exist and probably shouldn't. The results are decidedly dark, existential, and beyond silly, but just in case, let's not let Michael Bay see this, okay?

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