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Things We Saw Today: Players Are Psyched About the Pride Flag in Marvel’s Spider-Man Game

Priderman, Priderman, does whatever Pridermen do!

Queer gamers got something to smile about in PS4's new Marvel's Spiderman game from Sony Interactive and Insomnia.

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World Health Organization Calls “Gaming Disorder” a Mental Health Issue

Are video games addictive? I'll let you know once I clear this next level.

Our moms were right: maybe you can get addicted to video games. At least that's what the World Health Organization is positing. WHO has announced "gaming disorder" as a new mental health condition in the 11th edition of its International Classification of Diseases.

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Atari Co-Founder Ted Dabney Has Passed Away at 81

Atari co-founder and grandfather of video gaming Ted Dabney has passed away at the age of 81. The electronic engineer was one of the co-creators of Pong, and was instrumental in the creation of video arcade game culture. Dabney was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in late 2017, and chose not to undergo treatment.

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God of War Director Takes on Toxic Masculinity and Parenthood

The eighth installment of Playstation's flagship series features a newer, kinder Kratos

There are several new changes in the eighth installment of SIE/Santa Monica Studios' latest entry into the God of War franchise. The story leaves Greek mythology behind in favor of Norse mythology, populating the landscape with elves, trolls, and wolves, to name a few. Kratos's signature double-chained blades,the Blades of Chaos, have been replaced with the Leviathan Axe.

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BoJack Horseman Reveals He Plays Life Is Strange & You Cannot Convince Me It’s Not Canon

Twitter canon is the best canon.

When BoJack Horseman's fourth season premiered on Netflix earlier this month, the character's Twitter account spent a few days responding to pretty much everyone discussing the show online. This included Luc Baghadoust, the producer of DONTNOD's Life Is Strange. Clearly, he's a fan.

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Zoë Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian Fight the Patriarchy in New Books

Both Zoë Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian have dealt with a lot of hot garbage at the hands of sexists on the Internet (and IRL) whose "solutions" to women having voices in online spaces are harassment and abuse. They would each have every right to complain and be angry about their own trials. Instead, they are each using their experiences to fuel projects that make serving other women the focus.

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Chat Service Discord Bans Server & Users Over “Nazi Ideology”

We welcome everyone to the Nazi-banning party. You're all late.

In case you haven't been paying attention over the last few years, some very dangerous hate movements have taken hold on the internet, and online entities have been hesitant to do anything about it. After the weekend's white supremacist events in Charlottesville, Virginia, some of them seem to have finally taken notice of the need for action, and now Discord has jumped in to show them how it's done.

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Jon Jafari, A.K.A. YouTube’s “JonTron” Gives Gamers a Bad Name by Being Unabashedly Racist

If you are a gamer who also cares about things like, you know, justice, and people, and not being a racist, I'm so sorry that you have to deal with the likes of Jon Jafari, A.K.A. "JonTron." You deserve better.

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Things We Saw Today: One of An Inconvenient Truth‘s Predictions Has Already Come True

In a recent promotion for Al Gore's An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power, Paramount Pictures released a pretty scary video clip that reveals some of the the ten-year-old predictions from An Inconvenient Truth have already come true.

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Behold the Brand-New Steam Awards, From “Villain Most In Need Of A Hug” to “Best Use of a Farm Animal”

But who took home the coveted "Whoooaaaa Dude" Award?

Steam has announced the winners of the inaugural Steam Awards.

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RollerCoaster Tycoon AKA Build-a-Torture-Death-Trap Now on iOS and Android

RollerCoaster Tycoon Classicis a combination of the first two installments in the classic. While the game will retain the same look, Origin8 Technologies have made sure the controls will be more suitable for mobile devices.

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Final Assassin’s Creed Trailer Reveals its McGuffin

Nobody expects the magic apple of the Spanish Inquisition!

The latest trailer reveals what the Templars are after, and why Callum Lynch must try and stop them.

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Why I’ve Been Replaying Undertale After the Election

Not the coping method I expected to use.

I imagine you can all guess the surface reason, since it's the famous "Mercy Run" game. But it ended up going a little deeper than that.

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How Women in Video Games Saved My Life

After a hard day of gender dysphoria, it was so relieving to just be able to melt into a virtual world and play as my true self.

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3 Actionable Ways to Make Gaming Culture Safer

The point isn’t to appeal to women, people of color, queer individuals or any other specific demographic. It's to make our culture safer for everyone.

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Dishonored 2 Builds a Compelling World Where Lots of Cool Women Live, Which Somehow Still Isn’t the Norm

With Dishonored 2, Arkane Studios procures a game in which women populate all walks of life while also improving on the original’s core gameplay, with an even richer variety of abilities to employ and situations to tackle.

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#NotMyGodEmperor: Why Are There So Many Actual Fascists in the Warhammer 40K Fandom?

The Imperium of Man might be a massive satire of fascism and authoritarianism, but that hasn't stopped the alt-right from embracing Warhammer 40k as inspiration for their propaganda.

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Why Your Life Needs More of The Adventure Zone

In case you enjoyed Monster Factory; good, good goofs; or unexpected tidal waves of feeling.

Three idiots, nee adventurers, walk into a tavern and accept a quest that promises untold amounts of fortune, glory, and definitely not any betrayal or untimely death. It goes real bad. Thus begins The Adventure Zone, a comedy D&D podcast that thoroughly won the heart of this total tabletop newbie.

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Steam-y Censorship: How Christine Love’s Ladykiller in a Bind Exposes Valve’s Erotica Problem

Barring Ladykiller in a Bind from Steam begs the question for Valve: When is explicit material acceptable for a work of art, and when is it too explicit? When is adult content too adult?

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Things We Saw Today: Stranger Things Casts a New Pair of Siblings

Also, more Steve.

Entertainment Weekly reported that Dacre Montgomery will play "Billy" in Stranger Things season 2 and Sadie Sink will play "Max."

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